Pocket Amp Review by Palmer


Pocket Amp Review by Palmer

I reviewed quite a bit of portable musical devices, like synthesizers and such and so I wasn’t surprised when I got this pocket amp. I was surprised at how much I liked it, though.

There are just a few components to the whole thing; two guitar picks, the user manual and the amplifier itself. The user manual definitely comes in handy, to us technically challenged musically inclined people. As long as you can catch those few German words, you should be all good with learning all about your new pocket amp using this manual.

Like every amplifier, you’re going to have some of the main knobs to deal with including: Level, bass, treble and drive. You have a couple options for amplification sounds as well and a few I’ve never actually even heard of. You get all kind of modes and setting to choose from for not only your instrument but for your microphone sounds as well. I thought this was a nice little touch for such a small little amp. You get both ground and foot switches and all work great to boot. Looking at the bright LED lights will help you understand what buttons you het because sometimes they are a bit too small to see on your own.

You are going to have a crazy amount if inputs and outputs to play with as well which I was happily surprised about because of its size. This little amplifier has sounded great with about everything I have plugged it up to so far. It’s also a great quality time and looks like the craftsmanship is so good, that it may never have to be replaced. Both the battery and the nice slip-proof material can be found at the bottom of the device, and both work well.

As long as speakers are put in the correct places to avoid any type of fuzz, you shouldn’t have any other real problems with this amplifier. You had a lot more distorted choices compared to other clean ones and I wish that I would have had more options when it came to cleaner sounds. It might need a little tweaking to get to perfection, but it’s really not hard at all to accomplish.

This is nice and easy to get into pretty much any area and is retailed at under $100 USD. That is some good news for those of looking to play our guitars with a good pocket amp that offers some quality these days.

The Upside:

  • Good quality craftsmanship and portable
  • Unique sounds
  • Great variety of output devices

The Downside:

  • The switch located on the floor for footing lacks
  • Has to be re-done every time you switch modes in between a clean sound or a distorted sound.

Using this amp has supported what is more as just a past time for me, but it has supported it well.

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