10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers


10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers

No matter how appealing the offer is, if you can’t get the right people looking at it you aren’t going to make any money as an affiliate marketer. The life blood of your business is targeted traffic. There are many ways to get traffic to your affiliate offers but you will have to try them to see which ones work best for you and for the particular offer that you are promoting. Don’t ever rely on just one source of traffic, you want to make sure that you have a continuous flow of visitors looking at your offer even if one source lets you down for some reason. Here are ten ways to bring those targeted visitors to your affiliate offer.

1. Email marketing. If you don’t have a squeeze page set up in front of your offer with an opt in form to collect visitors’ email addresses then you are making a big mistake. It takes more than just one look to convince someone to buy something. You need an autoresponder set up with pre-loaded messages set to go out at regular intervals to the email addresses you collect.

2. Article marketing. A simple three step process. Write an article, submit it to an article directory, and include your resource box. People read your article and will click through to your site in order to get more information.

3. A newsletter. Brand yourself by creating your own newsletter. You should send out your newsletter at least twice a month, once a week would be even better. Include quality information about your niche to get people interested and include your affiliate links for people to click through and find out more.

4. A blog. Start your own blog. Blogs are the most popular type of sites on the internet. Use it to inform people about your niche. You can include affiliate links on your blog itself or you can get people to click through to your offer site.

5. Social networking. Use sites like twitter and facebook to spread your message. It only takes a few seconds to post a message that can go viral and result in a huge number of visitors to your site.

6. Forum marketing. Find the most popular forums in your niche and start contributing. Most sites allow you to put a link in your signature file. If you are helpful then people will click on your link.

7. Guest blogging. Similar to article marketing, you offer to write a post for another blogger in exchange for your a link back to your site at the end of the post.

8. Bookmarking. Encourage visitors to your site to bookmark it and share it with their friends. Word of mouth referrals are the highest quality traffic that you can get.

9. Hold a contest. Make sure that visitors have to come to your site and look at your offer to view the rules, to enter the contest, and to come back and find out who won.

10. Give something away. Everyone enjoys a freebie. And while they are in a good mood they may just decide to take advantage of that affiliate offer you put in front of them.

There you have ten ways to draw targeted visitors to your site. The more people that you can get your affiliate offer in front of the easier it is to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a numbers game. Make sure the numbers are in your favor.

About the Author: Thomas Alling runs a blog where he writes about affiliate marketing and how you can make money with your blog. Visit his blog at

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