World Of Warcraft – Make More Gold On WoW


World Of Warcraft – Make More Gold On WoW

So we love World of Warcraft. Let’s just face it, this game is pretty rockin and can keep you going for hours on end but if you don’t have any gold it can be a real drag.

Okay so let’s talk about some “secrets” when it comes to making gold on WoW.

If you want gold you could first try gathering. Whenever there is a new expansion, gathering is a big money maker for a lot of people. You may even get up to 1k gold per stack of ores of Elementium. This number could go down for some when more players reach 85 and start farming. However, you still have some time until you would even have to think about this. You should be able to make some good gold until sometime in May. You should know that herbs and ores are big gold.

You shouldn’t forget about your volatiles. You’ll find that these are great because you will be able to farm them while searching for ore and herbs at the same time. You will be able to focus on getting these things by killing elementals. The Skywall is an instance where these are usually found. If you are leveling you should think about going there only when you are at 83-85

Are you changing your server? Everything that you put on the Auction house will sell for a lot of gold. Since there are new Goblin and Worgen races people are going to need a lot of low-level items (this can go on till level 85). With the new expansion you will be able to set the price of your own fresh new economy.

In the expansions before Cataclysm you had to gain some levels so you could buy the fly mount but in this expansion, you cannot do so. You will be able to get it for just 200 gold when you get the game. After you have the flying mount and use it you are going to be able to search for herbs and ore in the old world zones. This can be done up to 2 times faster than if you were on an epic riding mount. Want to make some serious gold? Sell things like Copper ore and Peaceblooms right now.

I know these tips are pretty simple but if you use them you will be able to make quite a bit of gold. You can find a lot more powerful ways to make some gold in the World of Warcraft. If you are new to the game you should take a look at what the big players are doing and how they have gotten to where they are.

I suggest that you choose either mining or herablism, if you really want to make gold. These professions are called gathering professions. This means that you will be gathering materials needed to make different items. You will be able to make some good gold on these things at the auction house. Do not be over surprised at how much gold people are going to put out for these items.

Now you need to go out there and get all of the gold that you have been wanting for all of this time. You will have a great time playing WoW and getting more and more gold.

This post has been contributed by Jared Lonzer. If you’d like to read more of his work, you can check out his blog where you can read his posts about the latest WoW Quest Helper, choosing between the different WoW Classes and many other World of Warcraft topics.

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