Cloud Computing, Go for It!


Cloud Computing, Go for It!

Cloud computing is slowly penetrating into business small or big. The advantage it offers over the traditional computing makes it more acceptable. The best model available is SaaS or Software as a service model, which is ideal for any business small or big. Compared to the traditional computing model that exists today, cloud offers unprecedented benefits that makes your business grow as you can concentrate on your core business rather than worrying about the hardware software requirements. As you don’t require expensive servers you can save money avoiding expensive hardware and related recurring maintenance expenses.

Many big players are already in the cloud offering various services to business and individuals. Instead of buying the software, people have started thinking the smart way to concentrate on their core business while entrusting the IT requirements to the cloud provider. Choosing the right cloud model and provider is the key to success. The reputation and long standing of the cloud provider is a very important criterion you have to consider as you are entering into a long-term relation ship with that company. Many people are concerned about how safer is their data in the hands of cloud company. All of the reputed companies assures that they have the state-of-the-art security with strong encrypted security implementation to keep your data safe and secured.

The best application you can start using cloud computing is implementing a CRM. offers a CRM software you can start experimenting with. Having a developer accounts entails you to login and create an application almost immediately. The basic building blocks are the CRM objects to create different data entry forms. For e.g., the object “Accounts” has got all the fields what you can expect for entering the data related to “Accounts” as far as a good CRM is concerned. The same with “Contacts” objects. After linking the objects together you can start programming for additional customizations. Like CRM, you can build any application with these basic building blocks available or you can create new ones to suit your specific business requirements.

The application once deployed is chargeable as per the usage. The main advantage of cloud computing model is the “Pay as you use” model, which makes cloud computing very viable in these hard economic times. No need to worry about the backup or costly storage devices as everything is performed by the cloud provider. Another advantage is that this model is highly scalable. As your business grows, you can scale the software to your growing requirements.

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