Why Business Apps For iPad Are So Popular?


No matter what size business you own or how expansive your sales team is, it’s time to embrace technology and take the iPad plunge. Apple’s iPad is the most popular tablet on the market, with no sign of its reign ending anytime soon. Moreover, iPad apps have been deemed the key to business success in today’s digital age.

iPads Come Ready to Work

So what makes business apps for iPad so popular? In a nutshell: iPads work! Businesses and sales reps are using the technology to help them become more efficient, more cost-effective, and gain an innovative edge over the competition. Everything you need to run your business can now be held in the palm of your hand. Not only do your products look better on iPad, but with the right apps the tablet can transform the way you handle everyday business tasks, direct your sales team, sell on the go, manage customer relationships, kept track of your calendar and contacts, manage your inventory, and more.

The Ultimate Sales Tool

With its easy-to-use applications which enable the entire sales transaction to take place from anywhere and at anytime, it’s no wonder the iPad has become salespeople’s new best friend and has been touted as the one gadget no business should be without. You can use iPad to create cutting-edge sales presentations (at home or on the road), keep in touch with customers, seek out new prospects, provide secure online payment options, manage orders, process invoices, and more. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface is equally appreciated by customers, who enjoy having products and services brought directly to their front door and who are excited by the technology.

Reinventing Your Sales Force

Supplying iPads to sales agents has been shown to reenergize and motivate entire sales teams. Arming mobile sales reps with advanced tools such as Wrnty’s SupeRep is a sure-fire recipe for success, giving sales teams access to customer information on demand, online product galleries, CRM systems, marketing materials, the ability to share documents, files and presentations, and more. Moreover, you can use apps to manage your sales force from afar, track agents’ sales histories, conduct business meetings, print reports, and more.

E-Catalog Apps

The iPad is the perfect product showcase, with e-catalog software allowing you to create multiple online catalogs and to even tailor the look of your products per customer. This means saying goodbye to lugging heavy cases of product samples or even your laptop and enjoying the advantages of having your full inventory (including descriptions, pricing, and availability) in the palm of your hand.

Transform Your Business Process

The in-house apps on iPad alone are enough to revolutionize the way in which you manage basic daily tasks, with the ability to innovatively transform your business’s entire infrastructure. With 24/7access to your ‘mobile office,’ you can say goodbye to your day planner, notebooks, spreadsheets, and binders and say hello to massive savings in time and money spent on paper-based processes and organization efforts.

Seamless Integration

iPads come with built-in support for all major technologies, allowing iPad to easily integrate with your company’s existing infrastructure and even connect to private corporate networks.

Secure Data

iPad provides security on many levels, with strong encryption methods, restrictions, pass-codes to prevent unauthorized access, and device policies which ensure the security of your information (including emails and attachments). iPad adds a further layer of protection by leveraging a unique device pass-code required to generate the encryption key, while the iPad also provides platform security for third-party applications. If you lose your iPad or suspect it has been stolen, all settings and data can be cleared by issuing a remote ‘wipe command’ from a mobile device management server.

For these reasons and many more, it makes good business sense to make Apple’s iPad your go-to traveling companion and the means to grow and prosper your business.

Savvy business owners are taking the iPad plunge and turning to the experts at WRNTY to advise them on how to boost sales using the latest leading CRM, order management, B2B, and sales rep software.

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