The Asus K601-RBBBR05 Review


The Asus K601-RBBBR05 Review

The Asus K601 is an inexpensive laptop, but still offers the services of a duol core processor. It is a well built and unique product with a nice mixture of deep black and brown colour. It also comes with a reputable battery life and a pretty friendly touch pad. The k601 suffers from lack of HDMI, eSATA and also comes with a lot of unnecessary litter.

The machine uses the 2.2 GHz intel pentium dual core processor T4400 with a memory of 4 GB, which is better than that of Dell and Toshiba counterparts. The memory uses DDR2 SDRAM technology with a speed of 667MHz, which is slower than that of its Dell and Toshiba rivals that have top speed of 800 MHz. The machine also uses 500GB hard drive that runs at a speed of 7200rpm. For its graghics needs, the K601 utilizes intel GMA 4500MHD. The installed operating system is the Windows 7 Home Premium Edition.

The screen comes in a 16 inches LCD form with LED backlighting that is a great energy saver than the olden flourescent tubes that are not as efficient. The display has a resolution of 1366 -by- 768 pixels that is pretty useful in imaging. This mainstream machine also comes with a commendable six cell battery that clocks an impressive three hours and twenty five minutes when put to a vigorous test by the CNET lab test that involves video power play back. The Asus K601 covers a width of 14.6 inches, a depth of 10.1 inches and a prime height of 1.7 inches. It tips the scale at 5.9 pounds but can reach a weight of 6.7 when fully loaded with assortments.

The device uses a multi -format media card reader for data and ethenet 802 11b/g/n Wi Fi for networking. It also comes with an optical drive DVD burner but sadly lacks HDMI, eSATA, expansion or an express card slot in its armour. That is all the more curious because the K601 is stuffed with unnecessary wares that could have made space for the afformentioned vital organs. The machine offers a spacious key board, but which is sadly off the centre and can be a challenge to novices. The touch pad is quite commendable as it aids multi touch gestures like two -finger scrolling. The device comes with ATTEC Lansing speakers that are more suited to videos than to music, and head phones are advised for those who treasure their music.

The Asus K601 comes with a twelve -months labour and parts warranty and also a fast boot process. The price of 529 US dollars is a good value as is the low annual power consumption cost of 4.66 dollars.

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