The Samsung Wave S5250 In A Nutshell


The Samsung S5250 is one of Samsung’s smartphones running using Bada operating system. Unlike Android, there are not much of apps that are available for downloading. There are some free games however, and its smart features are built into its operating system. This gives you a phone that offers features that are unexpected because of its price. Key features include the use of social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook, camera, GPS mapping, music player and an FM radio with recording and track ID. You can also connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and its battery memory and life are excellent too. The camera may not be that great and 3G is also missing, but the Samsung Wave is included in the list of the best phones that you can get for an affordable price.

Samsung initially planned of manufacturing the Samsung Wave S5250 to broaden their line of handsets currently using the Bada operating system. Back then, the Bada operating system was only used for handsets that are more of the high-end but thanks to the improving technology and manufacturing techniques that the company is currently implementing, Samsung was able to come up with a smartphone that is equipped with numerous smart features and which you get for an affordable price.

The Samsung Wave S5250 is a smartphone with an ultra slim and lightweight design, whose chrome edging makes it look like a part of the company’s higher end and expensive smartphones. It is unusually narrow in shape and it is longer than the usual models, but it still fits great in the hand. Its extra length allows a large LCD screen at 3.2 inches, with a resolution of 240×400 pixels. The extra space gives you the ability to make the best out of the user interface of Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0. It works well and will even allow you to customize ten home screens with shortcuts and icons. Another thing that’s good about the Bada operating system is that it is intuitive and already comes with amazing features such as integration between your Facebook and twitter contacts.

The Samsung Wave S5250 is one of the best and most affordable smartphones in the market today. Although the number of Bada apps is limited, there are still available tools that you can download.

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