Stay Lean And Healthy By Using These 6 Gadgets In The Kitchen


The kitchen is the place where you’re going to lose all your weight. You can exercise as much as you want, but if you don’t watch what you eat you will end up gaining weight no matter what happens. I know you don’t want that and there must be a way to stop it from happening. There is and all you need is a few special gadgets in your kitchen that will allow you to cook the healthiest meals possible.

A vegetable steamer
Eating raw vegetables is great because you get all the nutrients, but let’s not try and pretend everyone will go out and start eating them raw. The next best thing is a steamer. Cook your vegetables in a steamer and it will hold in as much nutrients as possible. It’s a lot healthier than cooking some cabbage and mixing it with a big dollop of butter.

An oil sprayer
Oil contains a lot of calories and it’s all fat. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is when you use too much of it which is usually the case when you try and pour it on your salads. If you use an oil sprayer you are guaranteed to get the lovely flavor from the oil, but only a tiny percentage of the calories. If you eat a lot of salads it’s a must.

Food scales
How many times have you just started scooping something into a pot or pan? There’s no way you will ever get the right amount in without weighing it first. Sometimes a little less of a certain ingredient will make all the difference. Keeping a nice set of food scales handy ensures you can get the amount right every time in about 2 minutes.

Non-stick frying pans
If you don’t have non-stick frying pans you are using far too much oil that doesn’t need to be used. Never again will you have to pour lots of oil into your pans to make sure they don’t stick. If you try frying something without oil on a normal pan you will end up spending half the time scraping the food from the bottom.

A slow cooker
When you get in from work you end up spending the next few hours preparing and cooking dinner. That’s OK if you can stop the family from snacking, but if everyone is going to stuff their face with chocolate it presents a problem. If you use a slow cooker it will cook the food for you during the day and it will be ready as soon as you get home.

A vegetable slicer
The hardest thing in the world is trying to get the kids to eat vegetables. You can do it a few ways. Get yourself a food processor and they will never know what they’re eating. This ensures they eat the vegetables, but they won’t learn to love them. If you slice them up into lovely shapes with a vegetable slicer they will be more inclined to try them.

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