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The Kindle online store is home to millions of different ebooks, and there is a wealth of information on every topic. If you want to learn about social media marketing from Kindle, then there is one problem: there are far too many books. Which ones are good, and which ones are written by amateurs? This article will list the four best Kindle books on social media marketing based on how accurate and timely the information is, how easy it is for people to read and comprehend and if the information can be applied to all social networks.

Social Media Marketing All-In-One For Dummies
This book is simply one of the best for social media marketing because it covers all areas of the subject. You are actually getting eight books in one, and you will learn about leveraging the large social networks and your own blog. You will also learn about why social media is so important in today’s online world, how to get people to follow you and how to have fun while satisfying the business needs of social media marketing.

This resource is obviously aimed towards beginners, but even intermediate marketers can use this resource to give them new ideas for marketing, and it includes a list of essential resources and programs that can be used to help apply the lessons.

Social Media ROI
This book is good for beginners, but it is really meant more for intermediate and advanced users. You will learn about setting up an ROI scheme so that you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing, and you will learn about the essential elements of managing your social media campaigns.

If you are having a hard time really organizing and managing your social media marketing, or if you don’t know how effective the marketing really is for your business, then this resource will give you a very clear way to understand the differences between effective and ineffective marketing. You will also learn about the business side of social media, such as brand awareness and building customer relationships.

Likeable Social Media
Unlike the other Kindle books listed here, this one focuses mostly on Facebook. At the same time, you are taught more about the concepts of social media marketing that can be applied to any other social network because the concepts can be used to build public awareness of your business. The author, who is the CEO of the Likeable Media marketing firm, shows you exactly what he does to build relationships, get good referrals and generally build businesses with simple social media marketing.

It might take the intermediate marketer to really understand the power of this book, but beginners can easily understand all of the concepts. This is written by someone who has managed over 250 successful social media accounts for large business, and you are getting very solid information here.

The Social Media Handbook
All of the other books here offer information about how to get started with social media marketing and how to boost your business, but none of them really talk about the risks involved in social media. One bad customer can create a landslide of bad press for your business, and there is always the risk of hacking or infiltration problems as you open your business to consumers.

The Social Media Handbook shows you how to reduce risks and ensure that your website or business will be free of problems as you build yourself up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are wary about security or doing social media the wrong way, then this is an essential handbook that will really help your marketing efforts.

Terry Cross is an marketing consultant and guest author at, a site with rankings and reviews of top-rated marketing schools online.

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