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If you know anything about running a business you are a list builder. Growing your email list boosts your business quickly because establishing relationships with individuals via their email inbox creates a strong bond between business owner and subscriber. Most people treat their emails with a sacred air. Think about how quickly and frequently you check your email each day and you understand what I mean. So now you know how important building a large, responsive list becomes to expanding your business, online or offline. But how do you increase the size of your list? Your subscribers respond to value, plain and simple.

People follow value in all walks of life. So if you can solve problems with some form of value, whether it is creating helpful blog posts, or shooting helpful videos, you will have few issues growing a sizable and responsive list. Individuals who carry hundreds of thousands of subscribers simply took the time to create value steadily on a day by day basis. This crowd helped people solve their problems persistently and naturally, individuals were quick to surrender their name and email address for value packed updates. Remember this as you set out to grow your email list online and offline. Listen to your audience, solve problems and your email subscriber base will grow significantly over time.

Create Helpful Content and Spare the Pitch Fest

Some newbie list builders start to see hundreds of subscribers and move into a hurried panic. Yep, they created value for many weeks and months, and built up a decent sized list, but once they hit a certain number all common sense goes out the door and these individuals blast out pitch after pitch email, effectively burning through their list in record time. You need to create helpful content to grow your list, and the moment you begin to churn out lame pitch after pitch email, selling your subscribers into submission, you will see your list numbers drop at an alarming rate. You grow a list by giving freely of your time and talents, increasing the amount of value you share with each email. Your burn through a list and watch your subscriber count drop by not providing value, or by trying to get people to buy stuff without giving out something helpful with the email.

It is OK to sell stuff through your list emails as you are an entrepreneur but you need to help people too, to make your sell or call to action that much more powerful. Be happy to share value and your list will grow fast.

Never Hide Your Squeeze Page or Opt In Form

Some failing entrepreneurs feel funny about selling on a subconscious level and naturally hide their squeeze page or opt in forms, making it difficult for individuals to opt in and grow their list. You must blatantly post your squeeze page across all of your social network accounts. Link up to your squeeze page through your blog. Post your opt in forms on high profile areas within your blog, like along your sidebar, or maybe as a pop up form. By being clear and obvious you tell people directly, in no uncertain terms, that you want them to opt in. No beating around the bush, no silly stuff, you are telling folks that you want an opt in, and you want to share value with them, and people will respond to your persistent and direct message.

Feel good about your offering. You improve people’s lives with your business.

Use these tips to grow your email list today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips for online marketing success; follow the link for information that will allow you to ore easily send files to team member, clients and prospects.

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