Hammer Myshare HN1200-500


Hammer Myshare HN1200-500

Hammer Storage took a decent shot at simplifying the way digital media content is shared and backed up with the Myshare HN1200-500, a network-attached storage drive which performance delivered well on its manufacturer’s promise, albeit with rather cryptic setup and user interface features that will leave networking beginners scratching their heads.

Dual SATA II hard drives comprise the main components of the HN1200-500, offering storage capacities from 320GB to 1.5TB. The 500GB unit priced at 349 dollars employs a couple of 7,200rpm drives, each equipped with an 8MB cache. The Myshare can run in almost all OS platforms, such as those in Windows PCs, Macs, Linux-, and Unix-based computers.

The Myshare NAS drive units are extolled by Hammer as easy-to-install products. To emphasize this, the manufacturers threw in two Quick Setup Guides, one each for Windows PC and Mac, in every Myshare box. While the guides are straightforward, and the actual setup process itself requires no software installation of any sort, beginners to networking will probably be left open-mouthed as soon as the setup prompts them to enter both an IP address and a Run command. Should they manage to do both, though, the rest of the setup then becomes almost automatic. Two folders, one public and the other private, are subsequently created by the configuration utility. The HN1200-500’s default configuration is in JBOD mode, but users may be able to set it to work in RAID Level 0 or Level 1.

The device also makes use of a pair of USB ports for printer sharing and for plugging external hard drives. Additional drives connected via these ports can be accessed by the entire network. Making use of the print sharing option is also easy as pie.

Remote file access is enables with FTP or HTTP. However, beginners are cautioned to brush up their network know-how before using this advanced feature, since it requires a fair bit of work with router settings and port forwarding.

Hardwired, the Myshare HN1200-500 was able to write a 20GB folder in twenty-seven minutes, and read it in twenty-one. In Wi-Fi mode, the device is capable of decent-quality multimedia streaming.

All told, the Myshare performs adequately, but the big letdown is really the uninspired interface, with the one in its Share Explorer especially looking like a throwback to 1980s technology. Users may grow to like it after some time, but buyers on average would probably see the homely interface as decidedly lacking. Hammer is a decent company, providing a one-year warranty on the Myshare, but they should take a leaf out of the competition’s books in terms of interface if they want to effectively package an exceptional product like the Myshare.

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