Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10 Review


Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10 television is the latest HDTV launched by the leading company with a 55 inch screen displaying a resolution of up to 1080 pixels on a backlit LED. You can watch 3D videos by converting them from 2D with your remote button.

The New Bravia 3 Engine produces sharp image with utmost clarity. The opticontrast panel let you feel as if the images are flying over the screen. A Bravia Internet Video is a default feature of Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10. As the demand for internet videos increases more and more videos are being made available online, hence the TV has been designed keeping this in view.

The MotionFlow feature promises to give ultimate clarity during fast-moving action scenes that usually tend to blur out in internet videos. The best test was done by watching Avatar on Blu-ray while experimenting with the MotionFlow and Cinemotion options of the TV. It so happens that panoramic shots and fast movements get blurred in LED and LCD televisions. Usually manufacturers embed a blur-reducing processor which goes to make the image a bit artificially displayed. The feature is then usually turned off and blurring ignored at best. Reviewers have seen that the Motion Flow processor does a wonderful job of blur reduction while not making the image appear too artificially processed. It was then termed as one of the favorite TV features of Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10.

Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10 is DLNA compliant which makes you play the video stream from your PC. It has 5 HD ports out of which 4 are HDMI and one is a component terminal. A USB port makes for easy connection of the flash or pen drive and access the images and videos stored in the device.

Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10 is also suitable for wireless connection which means you can install a wireless network within your home to gain access to as many video sites as you like. Videos can be easily downloaded from Netflix, YouTube. At the same time you can touch base with your social networking friends on Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter etc.

Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10 also has the customary light sensor technology which automatically adjusts the brightness of your TV image depending on the light around the TV in your room. This is almost like a green way of conserving energy. The 55 inch screen is enough to let you enjoy a closer to reality home theatre. A TV guide about screen technology also comes with the TV. The TV supports a 5.1 Channel output for listening to a better audio quality than ever before. While watching films you can enjoy the Dolby Digital audio. Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10 by far bests the 4.0 specifications of the earlier energy star model. There are no major negative points of Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10, only that the speakers are located at the backside which makes the sound slightly weak. It comes with a warranty of 1 year which covers labor and damaged parts. The Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX10 TV costs nearly $3,000, but its unique features make the money spent worth it.

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