7 Top Best Internet Security Tips


7 Top Best Internet Security Tips

These days of technology come with negative effects in equal measures. Everything including shopping, trading, bank transactions, bill payments is done with the help of internet. Computers used in homes, education, business, and in government offices are subjected to risk of internet threats. Some people use smart phones to access internet which poses risk even to the mobile phone. Though we are cautious while working online, we might be a prey to many hackers trap. So, it is very important to follow few easy tips to save the computer from the problems due to internet.

1. The simple way to tackle with virus is to have latest anti-virus software installed in computer. It has to be updated regularly to fight the latest viral threats. Some of the latest packages will automatically check the updates every time you log on to the internet. Another feature is that the software should check the emails as we receive them and should warn us regarding the virus threat.

2. Never use pirated software. Be careful while browsing internet. Emails and websites should be carefully tackled. It will be the best way not to browse the internet content if you are not sure of its security.

3. Backing up data is the most important thing we can do to save our data from getting erased. If your computer encounters threat, then backing up will be of immense help. In such case, there is always a backup copy that you can restore when needed. Backing up can be done very easily. Important information like emails, documents, invoices, etc, should be backed up every day if possible.

4. Firewall works by stopping unauthorised, illegal information or hackers from entering into your system. Firewall can be created by software and even by hardware. It can protect against hackers preventing spyware, malware, adware, Trojans and virus which may lead to information theft including identity leakage. It prevents intruders from gaining access to your network.

5. Passwords have become of major concern regarding the internet security. Make it a habit to change the passwords frequently. Never disclose the information of passwords to anyone else. A lot of cybercrime is done mostly by ex-employees or colleagues. So, strict vigilance should be there in organizations to avoid threat to company’s security.

6. Disconnect the internet and shutdown the system while you are away from computer. Try to update the operating system, software and web browser. Cookies are also harmful for computer security. Never leave the computer without closing all the windows and shutting down when you operate from an internet cafe.

7. Hackers may use virtual computer operations to steal the information of credit cards to draw the money from your account and make unauthorised money transactions. Unless and until the website provides multiple security options do not use the website for money transactions. Use virtual keyboard for entering the information during money transactions.

Make sure to follow these simple tips to ensure the best internet security.

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