Top 5 Beautiful Games for Windows Phone 7


Top 5 Beautiful Games for Windows Phone 7

Among the many advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft’s new operating system for mobile devices, Windows Phone 7, its amazing support for graphics/video apps and especially games is the feature that really stands out. Microsoft has implemented a lot of their solutions for desktop PCs and the Xbox console to make gaming and entertainment as good as possible.

Windows Phone 7 has support for DirectX9, Shader Model 3 and the games run on the Xbox gaming engine, and can be connected to Xbox Live for online competitions, ratings, and other things. If you want to see what a Windows Phone 7 smartphone is capable of in terms of gaming, you should check out the top games on the marketplace. Here are just a few of them to get you started:

Assassin’s Creed – Altair Chronicles HD. I’m sure you’ve already heard about Assassin’s Creed – one of the best games for the Xbox console and Windows PCs. Well, now you can play it on a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, too! The graphics quality is really high, and the gameplay is pretty darn close to that of the full desktop version, which says a lot about it and Windows Phone 7. If you like Assassin’s Creed on the Xbox/desktop, you’ll definitely like the mobile version!

Need for Speed Undercover. Need for Speed is a long series of racing games, most of which have been and still are very popular with fans of racing simulators. The iPhone and Android have already got a game from the series, and Windows Phone 7 got a special deal for the next generation of mobile racing games. Undercover features the best graphics, cars, sound and tracks you’ve seen on a mobile racing sim, and right now, you can only play it on Windows Phone 7!

Flight Control. One of the most popular games for the iPhone and Android has been immediately released for Windows Phone 7, as well. This game features updated graphics (made possible by the DX9 support) and the same gameplay that can keep you going for hours at end. If you liked Flight Control on the iPhone, you’ll definitely love it on the Windows Phone 7.

Star Wars – Battle for Hoth. This game really plays it well: it manages to connect 2 things that a lot of smartphone users like: the Star Wars series of movies and novels and the Tower Defense game, both of which are extremely popular. The gameplay basically involves you protecting the Rebel base on Hoth from the Empire, so now you have a chance to change history :-). If you like Tower Defense-style games, Star Wars or better yet, both, this game is simply a must have.

Earthworm Jim HD. The famous Sega game for the old 16 bit Genesis console is back and it’s better than ever! Earth worm Jim features a nice gameplay with an interesting story and great graphics that will keep you entertained for a long time. If you liked the game when you were little or if you want a great game with simple controls that is fun, Earthworm Jim HD is for you.

Windows Phone 7 is currently the champion of mobile operating systems when it comes to gaming and graphics apps. With Microsoft’s know how in the area and developers creating great games for the platform, it can easily become the best smartphone (and maybe tablet) OS for gaming, overtaking the iPhone and dedicated consoles like the PSP and 3DS. Be sure to check out the above games to get a feel of what Windows Phone 7 can do!

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