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Adapatation is the key to effective customer record management. The ability to view, edit and create customer records dynamically makes salesforce automation software that much more valuable to your organization. You need to the ability to track customer interactions and organically create new records. Efficient automation software allows you to capture information directly from emails, files or attachments.

Mine Your Email for Customer Insights

An effective sales force uses customer data to discover the insights that make your organization relevant to its clients. A good salesforce automation software brings those insights directly to your email by mining them from your existing interactions. More customers communicate through email than any other method. You need software that allows you to manage customer records without leaving your email client.

Create New Opportunities by Streamlining Your Workflow

New customer communication is all about generating actionable leads. You need to keep your organization’s cases up to date without being forced to switch software. Integrated sales force automation software allows you to manage customer records directly at their point of origin and streamline your workflow. An efficient workflow lets you assign opportunities dynamically and convert more leads into customers by validating your most important data points directly from your communication.

Integrate All Customer Records

One key to a streamlined workflow is the ability to search your entire customer history. Integrating customer records is the job of sales force automation software. Your software should know just where your information is located and be able to bring it directly to your attention. In addition to keeping your most used search layouts directly at your fingertips, your software should be able to parse customer chat transcripts and attach them to matching customer records.

Sort and File Email Automatically

Manage your emails in bulk for more efficient filing. You should be able to rely on your record management software to automatically recognize flagged communications and file them with the correct customer records. A flexible software package will allow you to create object records customized to the needs of your organization. When your customer record contains a complete transcript, you will be able to drill down into the history for the most important customer insights. Your customer’s complete history should be at your fingertips.

Identify and Enhance Your Most Important Activities

The best sales force automation software is all about tracking your most important activities and creating new customer opportunities. An application that unifies your email, customer record management and website information provides the greatest insight into your customers. Streamline your workflow with the ability to manage all of your records at the point of communication and enhance the power of your sales force.

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