Review of Gateway FX6831-01


Review of Gateway FX6831-01

Pros: this is one good system for those who are looking for one that would provide mainstream gaming. It is quite easy to add extra hard drives to this system and there are plenty of ports available.

Cons: There is no eSATA not USB 3 support.

The Gateway FX 6831 01 the latest gaming PC of the brand and it has plenty of skills and with its solid performance and high end components it provides a good experience. Also with the price it is even better but there is quite a lot of competition out there.

This system has the following specifications to offer its users;

There is an Intel Core i7 processor at 2.8GHz. It has 8 GB memory and 1 Terabyte hard drive storage capacity. There are also DVD and RW optical drives, ATI Redeon High Definition 5850 graphics with 1GB memory and lastly an operating system of Windows 7.

Similarly to other Gateway systems this one too has some good specifications to satisfy those who choose to buy it.  This is quite an affable PC with a nice and catchy exterior design.  Surely what many people want to hear is the price and it is $1299 which is quite a reasonable price for the components and the performance it provides. It actually is a great value when considering the nice gaming features and performance it offers.

The components such as the processor which is an Intel CoreI7 and 8GB shared memory are perfect and since the CPU is one of those common quad core ones which support Hyper Threading it enables blow of the 8 CPU cores to provide a good performance with acquiescent applications. If you are one of those people who are not quite familiar with PC components then you might be wondering what the 8 CPU cores will be providing you with you don’t need to because it will be solved by the Turbo Boost that is employed by the processor.

There is 1 flash card reader and USB ports at the top of the case and there are 2 mor USBs at the back.

The interiors are quite good however the cables are a bit messy and they could actually have been a little more organized. However on the other hand there are so many systems with worse interiors especially cabling. Also since this system could sit on top of your desk it could provide a good organization outside.

All in all there are so many feature of this good system to be explored after purchase. it has been nicely designed with some lights on the side and these could easily be turned off with the switch in case if they get annoying after some time. With a price of $1299 this system is actually a great one for gaming and many other tasks.

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