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Time Of Essence


Time is of essence and the pace as which it moves can be tricky and mis understood by many.

The idea of having some websites perform basic functions faster than others is puzzling. The speed is determined by various factors such as the size of the page and the size of the data being downloaded among other factors.

In most cases, the main concept behind the time taken to download a file is the size of the file. The bigger the size the longer it takes. This is however not the only factor as the time taken to download may be depend on the modem. The 56K may not necessarily be the slowest modem available but it is popular and thus would form a good example.

The modern cables and the connections of DSL have become good options with their ability to load and download pages much faster. This has made some web developers feel confident enough to go around increasing the page size.

Most affected by slow downloading paces are the web pictures both small and large. The picture below can be compared to 1000 text words.

Time Of Essence

In order to have control of your page sizes first and foremost ensure that all the graphics have been optimized thus making them get saved in the most economical manner. It is advisable to split up the GIF pictures into different rows of both pictures and blank spaces. This creates more space as the size is reduced by half.

JPEGs compromise on quality with an aim of reducing the size of the file. Though it is important to try out and make a

JPEGs compromise on quality with an aim of reducing the size of the file. Though it is

Important to try out and make judgment as you compare the effects before and the Changes after.

How Pre-Caching Works

When the server initially receives the image it has to download and then kept in the cache of the browser on the disk drive. In case the image has to be retrieved it is easily located on the server. In case the image can be downloaded directly to the server then it is easier for the user to retrieve it very fast as it appears on the screen instantly upon request.

Time Of Essence

The image above is located on the catche and is 20% displayed.

Time Of EssenceThis is the same image but with a different filename, is not cached and will only download when you click on the thumbnail. The image above has got a different name and it not yet catched and thus can only be displayed when you one presses on the thumbnail. Pre catching is effectively done with the use of JavaScript an one cannot do this on the first pictures that appear on the screen.

The concept of Distraction?

Time Of Essence

If people’s concentration is on something then time will move faster. The web professional can consider distracting the users by giving them data to read as they download the pictures. That way time will move much faster and the user will hardly notice any time lost. This can be achieved by ensuring that the IMG tags are of the recommended length and breadth.

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