Motorola Droid Pro


Motorola Droid Pro

From the start, almost all Android Smartphones are created to combat the iPhone and not Blackberry. It seems predictable that at least one model would be in direct competition with the BlackBerry. Droid Pro Smartphone is capable of roaming the world, with a full QWERTY keyboard on the phone. We went to see if Droid Pro may actually be a BlackBerry killer.

The Droid Pro comes in a box that is relatively common in gray with Verizon, Google and Motorola logos.

The package includes Micro USB Sync Cable and Micro USB charger. You just remember that this is the “world phone” because there are a couple of international adapters: G UK and in Africa, Europe, type C and type I in Australia, New Zealand and China. These adapters fit properly on a roll of American wall. There are also some brochures to educate the consumer, and the Global Support Guide.

It has ability to work except for Verizon’s CDMA network in the United States, but also can switch to GSM and UMTS 3G networks that lets you use the phone globally. This really puts this phone in addition to other Verizon network. It also supports the basic features of the phone company.

In size and shape, Droid Pro is a fairly typical candy bar type phone that could be easily confused with a BlackBerry. At 2.36 x 4.69 x 0.46 inches (61 x 119 x 11.7 mm), it is similar in size to Motorola Droid. The second weighs 4.73 oz Pro (134 grams) and has a beautiful robust building. It’s simply designed, like many other phones of this caliber. The front frame is gun metal gray with a black bezel around the screen and a black keyboard. The sides are wrapped in silver and black back. The rectangular shape is slightly rounded corners giving it a good feel in the hand.

The Droid Pro is available with a 2 GB Micro SD slot. This appears to be a bit skinny compared to other Verizon phones that come with Droid cards of 16 GB. For a business phone, it may be appropriate, but even professionals listen to videos or music store. A lot of people would like to have the phone come with a bigger capacity. Since it is a GSM phone and CDMA phone, Droid Pro also has a SIM card.

Another little issue that its users found out is that the last row of the keypad, the space bar was too close to the bottom of the Pro Droid. While this makes it look sleek, cleaner and shows that Motorola has made good use of space, like a BlackBerry user, most users think if there was a little more space at the bottom to create a lip, it would be comfortable to rest your fingers and get to the bottom rows of keys while holding the device. As Droid Pro is a vertical course, which means that they feel more and more of the screen, the device feels a bit too heavy, holding the camera in the back while typing. Still, this phone is a good buy and is worth your hard earned money.

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