Top Five Hottest Cartoon Shows of the Moment


You don’t have to be a kid to still like cartoons and these days it’s not unusual for parentsto sit down with their child and enjoy good quality cartoon shows. Some are educational, some are funny and some are highly entertaining. We’ve made a short list of five of the hottest cartoon shows of the moment that you can safely expose your child to.

  • 1.      Stars Wars: The Clone Wars
  • This 3D CGI animates series was created by the father of the Star Wars movies, George Lucas. It started airing in 2008 and the show’s fifth season will start airing this fall. It covers the time frame between the Star Wars movies Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. It is a great show to watch together and get them hooked on the wonderful world of Star Wars.

  • 2.      Powerpuff Girls
  • The story of the three little girls who were created by Professor X from sugar, spice and everything nice is so beloved by children, that even though the show stopped being produced in 2005, the reruns have such high rating that it will probably continue airing for years to come. Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles fight crime in the small city of Townsville and with the help of their father, Mayor and all the people of the city, manage to save the day, every day.

  • 3.      Ben 10
  • We would all like to have Ben’s watch, the Omnitrix, that allows him to encounter alien creatures, or at least we would have loved it when we were kids. The original show was successful that it spawned three more animates series: Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse – the latter still being aired. If your child can’t get enough of the show, why not introduce them to some online games with the popular character?We found website Ben10 Fire, a great place where you will find many cool games for you and your child to enjoy.

  • 4.      Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Dexter, the little boy genius is trying so hard to keep his laboratory a secret form his parents and the rest of the world, but his silly sister, DeeDee gets in the way, all the time. The siblings manage to get along and bond through all the adventures they go through. This show is one of the most fun cartoons series ever to be created. As a parent, you probably watch more cartoons that you do movies, trust us, you’ll love Dexter’s Laboratory as much as your little one will.

  • 5.      Dora the Explorer
  • One of the most educational cartoon shows on TV, Dora the Explorer introduces us to Dora and her friend Boots, who like to embark on adventures and help people out. She never gets angry, not even at the mischievous Swiper, and often asks the viewers to help her locate things. If you love Dora and would like see more of her, there are numerous games on the Internet that feature this smart little girl – your child will surely learn a lot from them.

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