Positive Potty Training? Yup, There’s An App For That Too!


Potty training is often a long process, filled with successes and setbacks. Parents can become frustrated and confused when it seems their toddler has it, and then reverts to going in his or her diaper. It’s important to remember that when your son or daughter is ready to be fully potty trained, he or she will do it. These things can’t be rushed.

Most kids are fully trained by the time they are 3 1/2 years old. Parents have many effective tactics they can use to encourage their children. One thing we know for sure is that getting angry or punishing the child will never result in a potty-trained child. Parents today have an advantage over the parents of yesteryear: technology. Some amazing apps available can make the potty training experience exciting, positive and fun for both parents and children.

Potty Time

Potty Time is a simple app that encourages healthy rewards for potty success, such as book, movie or game time with Mom. You can print your child’s success chart print out a certificate and brag about your pee success on Facebook.

Add Elmo!

If your little one is a big Sesame Street fan, Potty Time with Elmo may be your best solution. The app offers games and activities that get kids excited about learning to go potty, along with reward stickers and other encouragements.

Potty Chart for iPhone

Sticker charts are an amazing incentive for young kids. But what about when you are away from your home potty and chart? Potty Chart goes with you wherever you do. This interactive sticker chart that allows your little one to pick different stamps each time they are successful on the potty.

iPee Address

GPS apps can also be helpful during travel. Many will tell you how far to the next rest area, or give a list of all local restrooms in your current area. Some even supply you with pictures of the restroom and information about changing table availability and more. One in particular is designed just to find a place to find relief, cutely named iPee Address.

Other Tips for Potty Training

Perhaps your toddler has mastered the toilet, but you have an 8-hour road trip, or a long airplane ride, looming. Remember that it is perfectly fine to use extra caution while traveling. You might put your toddler back in pull-ups to ensure you don’t have any real potty emergencies. Pack a portable potty chair to use if your little one needs to go in an area without any restrooms. Pack extra outfits so you are prepared in the event of an accident. Bring a compact, foldable potty seat for airplane travel, to avoid having your child seize up at the sight of those unfamiliar airplane toilets.

Talk to your child before the trip to prepare him or her for travel. Explain that you will be in the car for a long time and won’t be able to stop to go to the bathroom all the time. Encourage him or her to try to go during scheduled stops, even if it feels like he or she doesn’t have to go. Keep your attitude fun and upbeat by using positive reinforcements and rewards and taking accidents in stride.

Nannies can introduce apps like these to families to help everyone stay on the same page while helping a toddler learn potty skills. If you are a nanny seeking a family, you can search

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