One Small Trip For Mankind


It can happen to the best of us; one small trip for mankind and that’s another few hundred quid down the drain, or rather shattered all over the pavement. With huge leaps in the world of mobile computing, the broken, shattered or simply cracked laptop screen is becoming a part of everyday life for many of us. The solutions are plentiful and often costly, but is there an inexpensive way to replace broken laptop screens?

The DIY Solution
The short answer is yes! While adequate insurance, manufacturer or supplier warranties may help out if the worst does happen and your “always on” world displays the test card, not all of us are covered for all eventualities. There are also a number of firms that will help to lighten the load (by way of relieving you of some of the weight out of your wallet) and order, replace and repair your laptop screen for you. However increasingly, thanks to the Internet, it’s becoming far easier for an individual to source and replace their laptop screens.

First things first
Firstly you’ll need to check that the screen is in fact broken; obviously the tell-tale shattered glass will provide a clue – but there is no point in replacing the screen if the machine itself is also broken. You should be able to connect an external screen to your laptop – a desktop PC screen will do – and boot up the machine to ensure despite appearances only your screen (and not your whole world) is shattered. Before rushing out and ordering a new screen, double check that warranties or insurance won’t apply and you can get the work done for free. Specific policies for you laptop will normally prove to be worth slightly less than the paper they’re written on, but your home contents may prove more helpful – check to see if you have personal possession cover which normally covers your valuables while out and about and also accidental damage cover. If this is the case, try to claim.

Un-insured but still hopeful
If you’re still reading then, the chances are that you’re not covered. The next stop is the Internet to check out suppliers of new laptop screens. Most firms supply to PC and laptop repairers and can offer the actual screens at a low price as they buy in bulk. The best sites will also detail how to repair and replace on your own, without the aid of a professional repair shop. However, if you choose to buy the laptop screen yourself and have a local repairer fit it, you’ll still save some money and most probably time. Either way, broken laptop screens don’t mean the end of the world, just a short service interruption.

At first glance shattered laptop screens may seem to spell the end of the world; however, a range of suppliers can now offer cost effective solutions and laptop screen replacement is surprisingly within reach of the average DIY-er.

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