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We have seen a number of companies offering docking products to enhance the experience of audio listening for users. In the same manner, iHome, a well known and reputed name in the market has offered various products over the years. The design for most of its products have remained the same; rectangular-shaped. However, they have recently launched their new product iA100.

The first aspect which we would review is how iHome has considered providing a docking system for the iPad. Prior to the launch of the iPad, iHome provided its products mainly for the use of iPod which later went to inspire iPhone as well. The product has been priced at $200 which is the company’s most expensive product. It’s quite big in size and is also considered to be the biggest clock radio with an Apple dock on the top.

iHome has further tried to make its sound quality better in their iA100. This product has been stamped with the brand name of Bongiovi Acoustics. This necessarily does not mean that sound quality is going to be mind boggling but it definitely means an improvement compared to the previous editions.

The product scores a 7/10 on design, 8/10 on features and 6/10 on performance. If we review the design of the product then it would be harsh to raise any criticism over it. The outlook of the product is great as it has a matte black finishing on the top. It has a rubberized insert which allows your iPad to be safe while being docked. It weighs 3.3 pounds, 3.21inches tall and 6.6 inches wide.


If we review the features, it’s visible that this tabletop product has everything to offer which would be required of a tabletop. The best feature believed to be is the use of the iPad which makes video viewing an ultimate experience. Furthermore, it allows your iPad also to get charged. The rubber insert we had mentioned earlier gives little support to the iPad and also helps in building a great angle. However, once you connect the USB port, it further gives more support for the iPad to be docked properly.

As we had mentioned earlier, this product does not compromise on its features. The iA100 has an FM radio to offer which comes in-built with six already set presets. It also offers you an alarm system which allows you the snooze and the sleep option. Under the sleep option, you can choose between five different timings when you wish for the product to get switched off. These timings range from 15 minutes till up to 120 minutes. The alarm button, Bluetooth pairing button and the auxiliary input have all been placed at the back side of the product.

Positives: Great support for the docking feature, works equally well with the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch, FM Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Alarm system.

Negatives: Highly priced, sound quality could be made much better, lack of angles.

Suggestion: iHome iA100 is a great tabletop to have as the looks of it make the product stand out.

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