How To Expand Your Business To Multiple Locations


How does multi-store POS aid your business’ expansion?

Spread Your Business’ Wings And Fly

There are numerous headaches and associated logistical worries with regards either moving a business or expanding.  Clearly if your business is in a position from which you’re considering expansion then you deserve a pat on the back as clearly you’re performing exceptionally well.  However, you’re expanding and opening a business thirty miles down the road.  Multi-store POS is definitely something you’re going to need!

Multi-store POS can put you truly in the driving seat of your business and help you become a better business leader than you ever knew you could be!

So What Is So Good About It?

As a multi-site manager, there is one thing that is more of a frustration than anything else.  I’ve experienced it in past roles, and you either already do, or are about to as your business expands.  Of course what I’m talking about is the inability to be in more than one place at once.  It’s a fact, it’s common sense, and it’s something completely reasonable, yet still we never fail as humans to get extremely frustrated at our inability to be in more than one place at a given time!

To put a different spin on it, multi-store POS will not only give you an amazing, up to the minute overview of each individual store, but also of your business as a whole.  This means you can employ managers with confidence, and know that wherever you are you will still be able to access up the minute sales, attendance and any other aspect of information you need to see regarding your business’ performance.

Bringing together your business’ operations with multi-store POS will give you amazing advantages.  Simple everyday things like the weather can be extra frustrating when you’re a retailer, however with multi-store POS you can turn what used to be frustrations to advantages.  For example, your store in Sunny City is sitting on a stack of umbrellas because it hasn’t rained for weeks.  Thirty miles down the road, however, your new store is slap bang in the centre of Rain Town and is selling 20 umbrellas a day.  Your multi-store POS system will help you identify trends that won’t always be that simple, and help you make a great deal of extra revenue for your business.

Whisper It Quietly

Don’t tell everyone, but with multi-store POS, if you get an amazing cloud based version then you can sometimes get away with working from home, how good is that?!  Multi-store POS allows you a clear overview of what is happening across your stores, so while you can’t be in more than one place, you can always see more than one place at a time.

Posterita Web-based POS technology provides a real and affordable answer for multi-store owners. A multi-store POS capability, like the Posterita POS, is a cost-effective and effective POS solution.

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