How Are Today’s NonProfits Surviving The Recession?


It has to be hard being in the fundraising business when there are scarce funds to be raised. In this time of economic recession, it seems that many nonprofit organizations would have to pack up and call it quits. Fortunately for those they serve, many nonprofits are finding ways to stay afloat – and even to grow their charitable equities – and it’s not nearly as complex or difficult as you might think. This is how today’s nonprofits are surviving the recession:

Asking more. No matter the size of the nonprofit, one thing that stands out as a common ground amongst those that are surviving is the simple fact that they are asking for more donations, from more people, and more often. Fundraising is a numbers game, and when resources seem limited you have to find more resources.

Social media. Today’s nonprofits understand the importance of and impact of social media, and they use it to their advantage. Social networking via the Internet is just too big of a pond to ignore, and any modern nonprofit organization needs to recognize that and establish an online presence accordingly. Social media outlets are ideal for strengthening a nonprofit’s brand, as well as for spreading awareness and gaining new donors.

Branding. Rather than selling people on donating, or contributing, to a cause, today’s successful nonprofits are focused more on their brand. That means they are committed to establishing a reputation that sells itself – one of integrity, transparency, accountability, and authenticity – and they are doing this by making their presence known in the community, and by staying true to their work. People will donate to a brand that they know and trust, even when times are tough, because a strong brand represents hope and progress, and even those who face economic hardship are willing to invest in those two things.

Established donors. The best source a nonprofit has for donations is those who have already donated. That is because loyal patrons of a cause, who see their contributions at work, are likely to want to continue to support their cause. Nonprofits can count of their established donors to keep them afloat, even in tough economic times, and they aren’t afraid to ask.

Recessions can be scary, especially when you have a lot riding on the financial contributions of those around you. There are ways to survive a recession as a nonprofit organization if you’re committed to staying true to your charity’s principles and convincing others to do the same.

About the Author: Dona Collins has is passionate about making charitable contributions to local shelters and hospice organizations. She is also an IT specialist who directs others in the industry to groups like Modis IT recruitment services for help finding work in this tough economic time.

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