LG eXpo


LG eXpo

The entry of LG into the smart phone industry has added another dimension to this highly competitive and dynamic arena. This is one of the benefits of a free enterprise system. The more players that are present, the more options the consumers have and presumably, the greater benefit it will be for them. This is exemplified by the launch of LG’s breakthrough smart phone, the LG eXpo.  Even if the smart phone industry is already saturated, still the market has welcomed the entry of the LG eXpo and the upward sales figures will show the appreciation of the market for this new gadget.

The reasons for the positive raves about the LG eXpo are quite varied. Some have actually praised the LG phone despite its minor flaws while there are others who have said quite a mouthful of negative comments. Despite these contradictory comments, most mobile phone experts believe that the main strength of the phone is its highly functional and remarkable hardware. It boasts of 1 GHz Snapdragon Processor, reliable 5 megapixel camera, human print reader and a projector which can be used as an option. Moreover, the LG eXpo is also equipped by a slider QWERTY keyboard and an 800 x 480 pixel highly-sensitive touch screen. As compared to the other smart phones, the LG phone is relatively thinner and easy to carry inside the pocket. To complement these superb hardware attributes, the reception of calls in the LG eXpo is of good quality unlike the other Windows smart phones out there. The earpiece is also able to bring good and loud sound despite distractions from the surroundings. In terms of internet connectivity, the LG phone, being equipped with quad band, is able to connect to any WiFi hotspot, 3g, and the Edge networks. The phone should be a treat to those users who love surfing the internet for whatever reasons, whether it is for fun or information.

Incidentally, despite the great raves about the LG eXpo, there are also certain criticisms working against it. The major argument against the LG phone is that it still utilizes the stylus. In addition, its display is relatively limited as it only has 3.2” screen. Consequently, there is very limited room for touch movements which effectively diminishes its functionality with respect to some applications. Further, due to the speed at which the processor of the LG phone does its work, battery life is a bit fast.

In conclusion, the LG eXpo’s claim to glory is its superb hardware specifications. Unfortunately, it does not seem to fly because of the limitations in its software. However, for those who are enamored by the interface of the Windows Mobile, then the LG eXpo is probably worth it.  But, for those who are craving for a more worthwhile smart phone experience under the Windows platform, then there are options that should be considered.  Nevertheless, the LG eXpo is a strong product and depending on the preference of the user, may still prove to be useful and relevant.


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