Amazon Launched Its Indian Marketplace – Time To Rejoice For Indian Shoppers


The American online retailer Amazon finally launched its Indian marketplace to deal its quality products to the Indian customers. This news was in fact the most awaited in the online market since its announcement two years ago. Now the Indian customers will have access to a variety of products in the online shop which could be purchased through online payments or in person.


What Amazon brings to India?

Amazon has one of the world’s largest shopping stores which deals with products of all brands and all kinds of products. You could shop for home accessories, electronic gadgets, apparels, cosmetics etc. in this store and can also get huge discounts by using coupon. Amazon has declared to deal with about 11 million products from over 14000+ Indian and international brands. So whether you have to buy a camera, phone, baby product or toys and games, you could get everything here.

The Vice President of Amazon India promised its customers to offer exciting products from both Indian as well as Global market at the best price with exciting offers that would attract more and more customers.

What Amazon needs to establish its Market in India?

Online shopping has been a great deal for Indian customers. Since Indian customers are not so much engrossed towards online shopping, it would be a little hard for Amazon to make its words reachable to the public. Not every home had a computer a decade back, but now almost all homes have a internet connection. But still many internet users are still unaware of online shopping.

Today, and have dominated the Indian online shopping market. Amazon has to come up with great deals as compared to these shopping sites in order to establish a good market in India. Advertising its website in India would be a great deal for Amazon. It would depend on the way it represents its website to the people. Presentation matters a lot to attract viewers in any field. It depends on the designing and marketing department of the shopping store how they deal with the Indian customers as well as its competitors.

The Vice President of Amazon India also said that the company is focusing constantly on identifying the ways to improve customers experience for its shop. They are also working on improving the selection process so that customers could find any item they look for. Analyst finds Amazon India a great start to establish its market in India. So, get ready to shop on Amazon from now on and don’t forget to use coupon while you shop from to avail great deals.

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