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Oh technology, the never stopping in improving, never becoming stale, never stopping to show us something better, is that part of our life that adds more and more excitement to life. Let us write a detail article on the upcoming hypes that the world is happily waiting for.


1 – Google Glasses

One buyer of the glasses states this:

[pullquote]First – the things I have really liked about the connected glasses. Lots of people have asked me: Why would you wear those silly-looking frames if you have a phone in your hand all the time? The answer: so I wouldn’t have to have the phone in my hand all the time. The things that Glass does to replace or cut down on glancing at my phone every five minutes are the best part about them. I have gotten used to tilting my head up and down to wake the screen and see the time or just ask for directions. Being able to see what street I have to turn on right above my eye is much easier than having to look down at a phone. (Note: I’ve only driven with Glass on once, though I actually felt safer with it right above my eye than having to glance down at my phone.)[/pullquote]

Indeed, they are a very cool additions to your general day, as it includes all of the Google Apps such as Mail, Maps, Images, Search, and all the other features. One thing i might think of doing on Google Glass is to watch indecent movies with respectable women and men *wink wink*. It is a great help in the day of the man.

2 – Virtual Reality

Imagine being able to roam around your preferred streets, with your favorite type of romantic or short term partner, with the nicest car you know of, having infinite money, and feel in 3D (with pure bodily sensations, and your vision) all these things, without having to put any effort into it? Well, this is going to be possible very soon (except the delicious food part for sure).

4 – 3D Printers

This makes me really happy to hear, because we could produce many material that we need at home, provided we have the solid material in a tube. Think being able to create your own microchip at home (might take some design, but it would be worth it), food, machinery, even your own pizza! I bet this piece of technology will go far this year.

The interest for it is rising in the telecommunication and technology industries faster because the costs of creating a material that you can mold it with the design in 3d Printers is much less than say, using machinery to create these same materials.

5 – Cheap Spatial Travel

I was amazed to hear in an article online that you could have a cheap visit into the space, just for 200.000$ (Considering the earlier costs of space travel, this seems like a dollar, trust me.). If right now it’s 200.000$, imagine how cheap it could become in 10 years. I would really like to visit the moon for example to see what it’s actually like, and it might make a fun vacation to take your family to the space to see some amazing things out there. It is true that right now we have very few commercial spatial travels, but never say no (Consider how fast computing advanced, in 10 years we could have our phones which have the functionality of a camera, a computer, an mp3 player, a DVD player, and TV!). These are exciting news to hear and i hope the price drop continues until we all can afford a visit to the unending spaces of the universe.

6. Google Driverless Car

I could still remember the day I watch the iRobot as a kid, and being skeptical about my brother’s statement that one day, the driverless car will become reality. And it’s now a reality, made possible by… a search engine company, Google.

While the data source is still a secret recipe, the Google Driveless Car is powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes the input from the video cameras inside the car, a sensor on the vehicle’s top, and some radar and position sensors attached to different positions of the car. Sounds like a lot of effort to mimic the human intelligence in a car, but so far the system has successfully driven 1609 kilometres without human commands!

google driverless car

“You can count on one hand the number of years it will take before ordinary people can experience this.” Google co-founder, Sergey Brin said. However, innovation is an achievement, consumerization is the headache, as Google currently face the challenge to forge the system into an affordable gem that every worker with an average salary could benefit from.

7 – Artificial Intelligence that gets social cues

Developers will be able to take their games to the next level by adding social rituals in the logic of their artificial intelligence algorithms. Imagine a character in the game, that can understand what your character is feeling, wanting, and are able to joke, flirt, and feel different emotions (happiness, sadness, being insulted). Developers of Sims 3 announced that they will include these features in the upcoming versions of Sims and amaze the hard core fans with it.

This will also mean that artificial intelligence will be able to provide replacement for their human counterparts (the bad effect of this would be people being fired over not being useful anymore), like negotiating with possible clients and partners, providing advanced tech support, helping suicidal people in lines, and operating emergency lines such as ambulances and firemen department phone calls.

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