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0 App really saves money on books

Have you got any idea about or possible ever heard about it anywhere? is an App that is used internationally. can be described as a global APP that incorporates the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. allows you to save money on books in the following ways; selling them, finding good deals on both new and old books as well as books that are rented out. This is very helpful and convenient for students since textbooks are very costly nowadays and one would need them probably for a short while until they complete their course. The big question is what happens when the course work is over is it of importance to keep the book and in turn pay a lot of money for the next book you would need? The answer to this would most probably differ from one individual to another. App compares prices for you

One may wonder how actually works. How does do comparison shopping for you? Please note that the App does not do the actual selling or buying for you but rather it compares the prices and connects you to the very best deals. This in turn causes huge savings on books. The beauty about is that it is very user friendly. One can use it to search for the book they want using the title, author or ISBN. Once you identify the book you want or need, you can go ahead and press the SELL or BUY buttons. If the deal is suitable for you then, you can go ahead and opt to buy now and you will be redirected to the site that is selling the book at that price. On the other hand, if you want to sell a book, press the sell button and a list of sites willing to buy the book will be displayed. You can then go ahead and sell your book to the site with the best price offer. is very relevant to those people who are involved in buying and selling books. Most importantly is absolutely FREE! It sounds very unbelievable, but there is absolutely nothing that should hinder one from trying it out. You can find out the value of your books and also find out how much money you can save on your books. is extremely essential to any student who buys books and more so to any parent out their who purchases books. Saving on books can go along way in boosting the student’s personal savings as well as that of his guardian. Therefore, is a must have App for anyone looking at saving money on books.

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