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Any avid online gamer needs a decent chunk of hardware and accessories to be able to keep up with the latest games, but some gamers like to go a step further than functionality and create the ultimate looking machines imaginable.

The main reason online gamers spend a lot of time and money making their machines look the business is because many of them take part in LAN (Local area network) Events. A LAN event is a get together of online gaming enthusiasts who turn up with their own hardware to compete in online multiplayer games, these guys like to show off their pride and joy!

Pimped out PC’s aren’t always the work of gamers though, there are many other PC and Laptop enthusiasts who pimp out their hardware as a hobby, just because they can, or to show it off in forums and on blogs.

Let’s take a look at some examples that will hopefully provide some inspiration to pimp your pc.

Pimp Your PC for Gamers

water cooling

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PC Neon Lights

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Two of the biggest crazes amongst PC gamers over the past couple of years have been case modifications and getting as much juice out of their hardware as possible.

Most extreme online gamers feel that they need the best performing hardware to give them the edge over there competitors, for example; having a top of the range hard drive or CPU, with modifications such as water cooling in place, can reduce the amount of hardware lag; thus giving them an advantage over someone with a slightly slower hard drive.

Water cooling systems come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and their sole purpose is to decrease the temperature of the components within the case, allowing the gamer to over-clock those components and force them to run at more than their recommended specifications.

Another common accessory found on gaming PC’s, along with the water cooling systems, is neon lights. Neon lights come in a variety of luminous colours and can really add a bit of bling and ‘wow factor’ to your gaming PC.

Pimp Your PC for Programmers and Developers

USB Cup Warmer

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It goes without saying that the way programmers and developers pimp out their PC’s is much less extreme compared to the gamers.

Programming and developing can be very stressful, especially when you have a massive workload, stuck in a hot office with bad air conditioning and generally getting a sweat on trying to debug or meet a deadline. If this does sound like a regular occurrence in your work place grab yourself one of these very cool USB mini fans to pimp your pc.

How many times have you been so immersed in a project that you have left your fresh cup of coffee going cold? This can be avoided with a USB cup warmer which heats your brew up to 120°F/50°C. Lots of programmers and developers have started moving away from the small, space limited, pen drives and started using large capacity, external hard-drives to store backups of their work. In 2009 top hard-drive manufacturer, Seagate, joined forces with MusicSkins; bringing you custom made and visually appealing skins for your external drives.

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