Learning about the OnStar Aftermarket Mirror


OnStar is a brand that has become synonymous with quality products. They are most well known for their excellent service and response times, but they are only included with certain makes and models. However, there is a new aftermarket mirror that is being released that will give any motorist the opportunity to have OnStar support on their vehicle.

The unit has a number of features that make it stand out and be accessible for any motorist. The mirror has three main functional buttons on the bottom of it. These are used to report an emergency, contact a representative, or to make phone calls. All of these buttons are easy to find, which will be beneficial in the times of an accident or emergency.

Learning about the OnStar Aftermarket MirrorAlong with these buttons, there are several more that can be found on the top of the device. These buttons are your basic controls for things like volume and brightness of the display itself. Regardless of what feature you are using, you will find that all of the buttons are easy to find and use, which is beneficial since it was designed for being on the road.

People who want turn by turn directions can also have this feature added, although for a cost. These directions can be heard through the mirror or through your phone, depending on its compatibility. If your phone is not compatible, you can simply purchase minutes from Verizon and use those instead. Either way, people who do not have a GPS system may find this extra feature helpful since they just push the button for a representative and tell them the address they need to arrive at.

However, not everything is great with the OnStar aftermarket mirror. There are a few issues that were detected, including the size of the unit itself. It is rather large and bulky and the display can be hard to see when light is not present. Because of the size, there are times where the device will rattle, creating an audible noise while you are driving over rough patches in the road.

Finally, the pricing of the unit may affect the decision of certain people. The unit itself retails for $299, but installation fees will be charged afterwards. Because of the complexity of the unit and how it affects driving, you will not be able to purchase the mirror and then install it yourself. This means that the final price you pay may be different based on where you get it and how much they charge for an install. Also, be aware that you will pay $18.95 a month for basic service on the device.

In the end, the OnStar aftermarket mirror is a nice addition to a car that typically does not get the service. While it is not as comprehensive as a factory-built model, it does give drivers peace of mind when they are driving. The price and monthly fees may put off some buyers, but the OnStar mirror provides the quality of service you have come to expect from the company.

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