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3 Ways Social Media Engages Followers


The internet has enhanced the ability to communicate with customers, employees, and other stakeholders. The power of the tool has been increased exponentially with the arrival of social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more allow companies to interact and engage with followers through a number of activities. Social media has helped companies like ACN grow unique business models through sharing, liking, and commenting, which are three important methods to engage followers.

3 Ways Social Media Engages Followers


Sharing is an important function of social media. When followers share a post to their particular timelines or accounts, the visibility of that post is increased by the number of friends, followers, or fans that individual has. Therefore, getting multiple posts shared across several different networks enhances exposure and elevates the profile of the company.


Since many social sites are built around displaying popular posts, the more likes, in any form which is unique to the sites, a post receives the more likely it is to become highlighted in a timeline or newsfeed. The reach of the post becomes more effective and the level of engagement begins to rise as well thanks to the more people the post is reaching. In short, more likes increases the chances of developing new customers, new leads, and the ability to reach current customers as well.


One important key in social media is the ability of readers to post comments to a particular post. When a follower posts a comment, others tend to follow suit. When companies take the time to respond to comments, acknowledge special accomplishments, or continue a discussion, the resulting dialogue can take on a life of its own. A simple post can become an educational tool. The company, specialists, and fans can chime in to help further inform readers and prompt more research into the company.

In the end, using social media to engage followers through sharing, liking, and commenting can enhance the profile of the company. The resulting growth in traffic numbers to a webpage can help increase sales and elevate the bottom line of businesses of any shape and size regardless of industry. Social media provides a helpful platform to enhance existing communication, which helps reinforce the process or business model of a particular company. Social accounts are becoming more popular with companies thanks to the ability to deliver huge spikes in traffic and help deliver a uniform message across a large group.

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