Why You Should Own An iPhone


You see all these tech savvy people running around today with iPhones and you have heard so many great things about them. In a few short weeks, your phone contract will be up and you will be due for a new cell phone. If you have been someone who has always enjoyed having a flip phone, you may be ready for something different and more advanced. Don’t stay caught up in the past. Get a phone that will be able to be like your personal assistant. Get an iPhone. Here’s why you will definitely want to own one–my brother who is a tattoo artist just got one, and he loves it. I want one too!


iPhones are made by Apple. If you have ever used an Apple computer, you know how much better they are then the traditional PC. You should know this if you are interested in becoming a software engineer. You’ve always used a flip phone, but now you’re ready for something new. Well, you know how the Mac is better than the PC? Think of that in phone terms. The iPhone will blow those other phones right out of the water. iPhones tend to cost a bit more than other cell phones but they are worth every penny. An iPhone allows you to be able to make and receive phone calls. You will be able to send text messages to all of your friends and even include pictures or videos in the messages. When you have an iPhone, you will be able to check, send and receive your emails from Yahoo, Gmail and even Live. An iPhone will allow you to video chat with your friends as well. You can do this by using Facetime, which is standard on your phone or downloading an app from the app store, like Skype. You will be able to use the Safari web browser to search the internet on your iPhone. You can do this using a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection. You can record videos and take pictures on your iPhone as well. When you have an iPhone, you can watch videos on YouTube or even listen to your music using iTunes. If you are someone who loves apps, there are so many that you can download. Many of these apps are free and are fun. You can use apps like Instagram if you like photography and you can even download games to play when you are bored, like Temple Run. The truth is, the things you can do with an iPhone are limitless.

If you have heard all of these great things about an iPhone and you think this is the next kind of phone that you want, why not head out to a cell phone store or even an Apple Store and play around with one? See if you like the iPhone and the way it works before you buy one. You will see that this phone has so much to offer and will be able to do everything you need and so much more. There is no other phone that will make you as happy as an iPhone!

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