Top 5 SEO Apps Your Office Should Be Using


No matter what kind of office you run, you need to be focusing on SEO. Why? Well, for starters, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have meandered your way to a blog article like this unless you already had a problem in that department.

But more seriously, any office that doesn’t make good SEO a focus is ignoring just how well its web site could be performing – as well as the web site of its clients, if you’re in the web business.

So how do you focus on SEO without turning into an SEO firm? Simple: embrace the power of the App. In fact, check out these top 5 SEO Apps and you’ll likely see the light when it comes to the power of Search Engine Optimization:

1. Analytics App
When it comes to SEO, you’ll learn that measurement is everything. If your stats are off, then you’re basing your web strategy on a faulty premise. Needless to say, that’s not how you want things to shake out if you’re just venturing into SEO for the very first time. So download the Analytics App from Ibloslam LLC and you’ll be well on your way to handling the most important part of SEO – knowing where you really stand – right.

2. SEO Automatic
If you’re more into the analysis than the analytics, then this is the App for you. This is the type of App that will actually get you into the nitty-gritty of what’s working on your site and what isn’t; you might even think of it as some sort of SEO diagnosis. Whether your own site is healthy or not isn’t the issue; the issue is how accurate of an SEO picture you can take of your web site. From there, making the improvements that need to be made is simply a matter of time.

3. SEO Search Ranking
By Leon Huang, this is a Google search ranking checker that will allow you to do a quick sweep of all the keywords you’ve been targeting. Once the results come back, you’ll have some idea of where you stand when it comes to these targets; you’ll know where you’re doing well and which areas need improvement. Considering how this App presents everything in nice, tight visualizations, it’s also a handy little App for people who are more visually-inclined.

4. Quick SEO Site Review
Yes, it’s exactly what it says – a quick SEO site review – but sometimes that’s all you really need in order to get on top of things. Enter in your office’s site and you can see when it was created, its number of search indexed pages, its Alexa rank, its PageRank – just about all of the basics. Maybe you can’t do a whole lot of SEO based off of this information alone, but you should consider this App a great place to get off to the races.

5. RavenTools
This is a great App if you want to get more involved in your SEO metrics and integrate your other accounts into one handy visualization. It’s best for supplementing your other SEO efforts, but shouldn’t be ignored as a potential App to download.

David Ching is a marketing strategist for EQA, providing furniture solutions for offices, including cubicles, conference tables, workstations and office chairs.

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