Phones with Windows Mobile Standard


Phones with Windows Mobile Standard

In today’s Smartphones list, companies are working their way to come up with high technology models in their mobile phones services and products. To pace with this requirement, Samsung, T Mobiles, Nexus, Nokia, Motorola, AT&T and HTCs are among the top-notched Smartphone companies that have put their Windows Mobile Standard phones in the market today.

There are different set of standards for various windows mode. In reviewing these standards; the Windows 7 mobile Phones typically features 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, 8 to 16 gigs of internal storage capacity, Wi-Fi, 3G HDSPA, Bluetooth, world roaming GPS service, and a 5 megapixel camera. The varying features include 3.7’’ to 4.3’’ display modes, AMOLED display, speed and networking of Wi-Fi with different casings and designs, all comes in different amount of costs. Some of the high ranked models in this category are the HTC Arrive, HTC Surround, HTC HD7, Samsung Focus and LG Quantum.

With regards to Smartphones with Windows Mobile standards, there is also a category that runs through windows OS 6.5 and is available with touch screen displays. The typical features include, Windows 6.5 version, 1GHz snapdragon processor, 800 x 480 touch screens, 3G EVDO for fast data, GSM navigating services, and QWERTY keyboard with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth services. The different features include capacitive features of their display screens, additional key pads, overseas GSM networking, internal storage capacities, micro or miniSD card slots and resolution powers of cameras wrapped in stylish casings and designs.

The standard Smartphones in this category are the HP iPAQ Glisten, LG eXpo, HTC HD2, Samsung Omnia II, HTC Tilt 2, Samsung Intrepid, HTC Imagio, HTC Pure, HTC Touch Pro 2 from Verizon as well as sprints, HTC Touch Diamond 2, HTC touch Pro2 from T Mobiles. Palm Treo Pro from Sprints, E-TEN Golfiish X610, Samsung Omnia, Sony Ericsson Xperia, LG Incite, HTC Touch HD, HTC Fuze, and Samsung Epix. All these Smartphones are available with a standard Windows 6 version along with the aforementioned features, thus making them excellent Smartphones yielding Windows Mobile Standard versions.

Moreover, in the category of Standard Windows Smartphones, there is another list which runs through Microsoft Windows 6.1. The typical and customary features of these cell phones are the QVGA non touch screen display, QWERTY keyboard, regular 3G EDVO for fast data, Bluetooth, GPS roaming, 2 megapixel cameras and a miniSD card slot. The varying features include Wi-Fi networking with different range and speed, pre installed players and browsers that can run on Windows 6.1, additional key pads, overseas GSM services, varying range on internal storage space along with its processor capacity.

Some of the standard mobile phones in the category of Windows Smartphones include the HTC Snap, T Mobile Dash 3G, Samsung Jack, Pantech Matrix Pro, T Mobile Shadow 2, HTC S740/ HTC S743, Motorola Q9c, Samsung Ace, Verizon SMT5800, Pantech Duo and Samsung BlackJack II.

If you are a potential consumer and looking for a hi-tech high quality standard Windows Mobile phones, it would be better on your part to thoroughly check and compare the different Smartphones available in the market. This will lead you to come up with the model that fulfills your criteria and more importantly your budget.

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