Top Ten Mobile Apps for Travelers


Top Ten Mobile Apps for Travelers
There are an abundance of smart phone apps, but what are some of the best mobile apps for travelers?  Here is a list 10 great smart phone apps worth having whether it is for a business trip or for a family vacation.

1. Kayak – According to Apple, the most popular travel app. Some of the best features in this app are the My Trips Itinerary Manager and the Flight Status.

2. Yelp – This great phone app gives you reviews from the best restaurants and nightclubs, best stores to shop, best spas, best health clubs and on and on. When you are on a trip, this app can help you decide when to dine and be entertained.

3. Facebook – OK well this isn’t exactly a travel app, but don’t you want to share some of your travels with your friends on Facebook? Of course you do!

4. Weather Channel – This is a great app that will give you advance notice of an impending storm or blistering heat.

5. Google Maps – Possibly the best in the business for navigation. You can actually help yourself from getting lost by tapping into this app. By using the GPS on Google maps, you can literally pinpoint your location and seek out your destination.

6. Cab4Me – Looking to call a cab? This app helps you find the best-reviewed taxi services in the area you are visiting.

7. Open Table – If you want to make restaurant reservations based on the recommendations from Yelp, this great app will help you make reservations and determine which time slots are available.

8. Flixster – Want to know what movies are playing in the area? This cool app not only gives you movie times and locations, it also gives you reviews!

9. Parkopedia – If you need to find a parking spot and you are looking for the best places to go, this app is the one you’re looking for. Parkopedia is relatively new but it already has a large database of parking garages, and it is growing by the day.

10. Travel Tips 101 – A guide to help you get the most out of your travel experience by finding the best deals for you all over the world.

Honorable mention: Trip Advisor – Probably would make the top 10 on many traveler’s list, this great app will give you reviews on everything from hotels and restaurants to best sites to visit at your destination.

So there you have it. 10 great mobile apps to use while on your trip. With these handy apps, you might not even have to take your laptop or your tablet! And the best part is that most of the apps are completely free!

Heather Johnson writes for Honeymoon Destinations, the best honeymoon research and planning website. Discover some great honeymoon ideas today!

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  1. I recently got back from traveling across country and an app I had to use which I didn’t expect was iTriage- I was able to find an urgent care nearby when I twisted my ankle and needed an exam. It offers a great symptom checker too! I now urge all my friends and family to have this app when traveling, you never know when you may need it, but you’ll be happy you have it. Plus- it’s FREE!

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