Why Did Apple Ditch the MacBook?


Innovation. Style. Desirability. Three keywords that sum up Apple’s appeal to the mainstream market. Apple’s ubiquitous ‘i’ range has fans from all walks of life. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, and aficionado of the platform chose it to launch his monthly multimedia magazine: Project, during a big press conference at the Crosby Street Hotel. continues to enter new frontiers. Source.

Not one to do anything small-scale, Branson and co, dressed in newspaper-page suits to pose for the cameras and gave us the message to be part of it; ‘the first truly digital magazine for creative people about creative people.’ Read more.


It was a bit of a shock to learn that the Macbook will no longer be for sale. Well, ‘shock’ is not quite the word as it wasn’t officially announced; more just left off the catalogues. When approached, Apple commented that the trademark white MacBook was losing ground to the MacBook Air and Mini and was no longer required. The MacBook is still available for educational institutions to buy at the more budget friendly $899 (£557.70).


It seems as simple as that. The white Macbook that so many people know and love has finally just been overtaken by newer models. This kind of product replacement is common enough and more apparent than in nearly any other industry. Unlike PCs, the Apple technology isn’t user-upgradeable and becomes dated quickly. The new Apples are equipped with the faster Intel dual core i5 and i7 processors.

Steve Jobs, ex-CEO and principal lead of Apple’s innovations, proudly holds aloft the new MacBook Air, a gorgeous one-piece aluminium chassis construction. Very thin, too.


Of course it’s now competing against the iPad thanks to its extra portability, price bracket and cachet. The iPad is in its second generation and, being cynical, it’s already obsolete considering its little improvement on its predecessor and its continuing lack of Flash support. With the iPad 3 due either before Christmas or shortly thereafter I would suggest holding off getting an Apple tablet until then.

As with other technology companies who have to release new models regularly to take advantage of the advances in hardware, a lot more pre-publicity is generated by Apple enthusiasts about their upcoming models than most other brands. The iPod Mini disappeared quickly and without warning once the iPod Touch and (the now 6th) Generation iPods became available.



Apple’s hardware can last and run reliably for many years. I know of people who have Macs over 7 years old now and are reluctantly looking to buy newer models to just keep up with the technology. Enjoy multitouch displays using a 1.2GHz dual-core HP tablet PC. If a particular model catches your eye and pulls at your heartstrings I’d have to recommend buying sooner rather than later – you never know when it’ll disappear from the shelves.

Guest blogger, Greg Coltman, writes prolifically about gadgets and innovations in the technology industry. He’s a committed PC man and loves tinkering under the bonnet.

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