Sony Ericsson Spiro: To buy or not to buy?


Sony Ericsson has made its name in the mobile phone industry by providing customers with portable mobile phones equipped with an FM player and a Walkman player. One of its newly released mobile phones today is the Sony Ericsson Spiro, which is a basic phone equipped with an FM radio and Walkman player. Other than those features, there isn’t really much to brag about and because of that, it will be best if you avoid spending your money on such a phone.

Today’s most popular phones are mostly touchscreens and are operated by Android, iOS and a dual core processor. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such phones and if all you need is to send text messages, make phone calls, connect to the internet to enjoy Social Networking sites and to listen to music, then Sony Ericsson Spiro may be best for you. It does all the features mentioned and it has a basic camera, a Bluetooth and is compact and can easily fit your pocket.

Even though at such an affordable price it cannot offer Wi-Fi capability or GPS tracking, many consumers are at least expecting a bigger memory and a triband operation at the very least. What makes it now worth your money is its 5MB internal memory, which will require you to buy a microSD memory card.

Aside from being capable of sending text messages and making phone calls, the Sony Ericsson Spiro is best in playing music. Its Walkman 4.0 player, RDS capable FM radio and its 3.5mm headphone jack makes the phone suitable for music lovers. Besides, it can access social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook but unfortunately, does not do it well since it is not 3G capable for a faster internet access. Its tiny screen may also make it a challenge to view the homepage and update your status.

If your Sony Ericsson Spiro is no longer needed, and you no longer want it lying around, then have you heard of the mobile phone recycling concept that can help you trade in old mobiles and get cash for old mobiles that you no longer need.

If you are based in the US, then there are also a range of sell phone recycling websites for you to get cash for you  old cell.

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