The iPad Gets Some Love With the Apple Remote


Recently, one of my favorite apps has been updated by Apple. This is a remote device that can control things like Apple TV and iTunes while having a connection to WiFi. The change to the application is that it can now be used universally on the iPod, iPhone and iPad altogether. The app gives you a list of songs to view on your iPod as if you were viewing a computer screen and it is a great remote in general. If you have more than one Airplay or Airtunes speaker, the app lets you have the option of changing them. You can use the remote with Apple TV and pick out anything you have stored in your Library. Instead of using a mouse or any other moving clicker, this app allows you to make movements by touching and swiping. If you have to use the search field, you can incorporate the larger keyboard if you need to. You can do things like edit your playlist and look at your Libraries on the iPad device, which are a couple great features!

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