Navigating Your Way Through the Maze of GPS Models


Navigating Your Way Through the Maze of GPS Models

Many people rely on the map to navigate through unknown territories. However, this sometimes leads to the confusion that can be brought about by back seat drivers, or your journey time being lengthened by having to stop when you travel alone. With the rise of the Global Positioning System being a valid way of getting around without the trappings of a large map that has to be carried around. The GPS can be incredibly useful to find your way to anywhere, with the use of satellites tracking the model number of your system. In today’s world, many people will always be able to make use of an integral navigation device that can be as portable as they are.

The newer models are an attractive addition to your car, or even when out for a stroll to an unfamiliar area. There are many compelling products on the market, although it can be rather daunting when taking a look through the sheer volume of machines that all appear to offer a similar service. Each store will often have a clerk who will be able to assess your needs, and select a smaller number of options for you to decide from. This should make your purchase decision much easier.

With each model, especially the newer systems on the market, there have been a reported number of glitches that can be difficult to overcome, especially with models that fall on the cheaper side. Of course, there are several advantages to using the satellite navigation, so the glitches in the system can often be overlooked. The glitches are sometimes minor, such as slow loading times and the disconnection of the Bluetooth facility that can happen with any connection device in poor network areas.

The basic features of the chosen device can be extremely innovative, depending on the model. The multitude of maps that can be scrolled through are easily contained within the high rate processor, and the external features such as the mounting car case and memory card allows for a much more integrated use of the electronic map system. Screen resolution can vary, so it is wise to aim for the standard models, as these can offer crisp graphics and a user friendly menu system allowing you to focus on the useful parts of the journey. For example, you may wish to utilize the 3D landmark option where you are able to see a street view of the places you are visiting, along with the additional information about some of the more notable buildings in that city. This option may be available only on the more expensive models, but it may be that it becomes a worthy investment.

With the integral features of the GPS being a vital part of the usability of the machine, the minute parts, such as the list of road types, eating establishments, restroom facilities and even speed cameras will always be available as a standard way to find exactly what you’re looking for in the shortest amount of time.

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  1. About a year ago I bought a new DVD/NAV unit for my truck, but I end up using my phone more than the new unit because of the great integration of Google Maps. I can setup where I want to go before I leave home online and with my Android phone pull it up instantly. Because mobile gps has become so standard it really has caused the price of stand-alone gps units to drop.

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