Samsung Intrepid


Samsung Intrepid

Samsung has been known to create innovative and great products particularly those which belong to the smart phones category. It is surprising; however, that even with the reputation of its manufacturer, the Samsung Intrepid fits neither in the innovative and great products category. It is just one of the many variants of smart phones being sold in the market today. At best, the Samsung Intrepid is an average smart phone that will just meet the expectations of the traditional mobile phone user and not surpass them.

There is, however, a bright light for the Samsung Intrepid. Most people who have used this smart phone are of the view that the Samsung Intrepid is relatively easy to use as compared to the other phones similarly situated such as the Blackberry. Unfortunately, this “user-friendliness” is not sufficient to catapult the Samsung phone into the top of the list of smart phones preferred by most users as it is limited in functionality, the ability to be customized and the stability as compared to the other products of the same type.

Further, just like the other smart phones created by Samsung, the Intrepid is also based on the Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro platform. It is also equipped highly-sensitive top-of-the-line touch screen and a regular-sized QWERTY keyboard. Moreover, it resembles the Blackberry in terms of form and is quite compatible for those who are into email messaging. While its display screen of 2.5″, 320 x 240 pixels may be relatively small under Windows Mobile 6.5 standards, nevertheless, it can still perform as expected. Further, due to the design of the unit, the Samsung Intrepid is more of a phone that can be used for business purposes rather than for some personal needs unlike the other smart phones which were designed to be shown-off to the public.

On top of those features mentioned earlier, the Samsung Intrepid is equipped with a slot on which the SIM Card may be inserted for international roaming in some GSM Networks abroad. Aside from its roaming capabilities, it also has GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Further, for those who has a penchant for taking photos, certainly the built in three megapixel camera and a microSD card slot will be a welcome feature. Since the Samsung Intrepid works using the Windows Mobile platform, it performs efficiently when synched with the Microsoft Exchange application. It is also enabled to communicate through instant messaging and other applications.

The complaints that most people who were able to use the Intrepid are usually the following: First, with all the features of the Intrepid, its battery life can only accommodate a limited time of continuous use. Second, the technical support for the Bluetooth function is quite disappointing and third, logging on to the internet can be tedious especially after sending a photo or an SMS because you have to reboot the phone.

Finally, after being acquainted with all the pros and cons of the Samsung Intrepid, should you pursue on buying this phone? Well, it would all depend on one’s preferences which are usually the common denominator in all purchasing decisions.

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