5 Things To Look For In Time Track Software For Your Startup Business


Setting up, and managing a startup business, can be quite difficult. You would need to take care of a lot of things, whether it comes to your employees, the projects, company time and resources, money or productivity. Lots of businesses are using time tracking apps to ensure that their organization runs smoothly. When you are choosing one for your business, make sure of the following 5 things to get assistance with not only time tracking but various business operations as well.

5 Things To Look For In Time Track Software For Your Startup Business

Look for freeware, such as PHP Time Tracking

The last thing that you would want is to spend on a costly time tracking software or online service. If you are a startup with only a small team, a freeware would be enough to help you in project management, billing, managing employee time, replacing manual clock-in and clock—out sheets, generating reports etc.

Look for Work Tracking

Find out whether the app also works as a work tracking software and helps you to track documents and applications. It should run quietly in the background and do its job without interfering with daily functions. Make sure that it helps bill employee time, analyze the time, takes note of their tasks and offers real-time updates to you – no matter where you are.

Look for ease of use

If it helps run projects with one-click, it will be all the better for you. Try to get an app that stores information on its own dedicated server, as well as on the Cloud. The billing process should easily be automated with time-tracking information gathered by the project time tracking software. The entire process should be automated, leaving out most of the manual work.

Look for Client-Tracking Ability

You should also ensure that the application helps track clients, customers and accounts. Many time trackers also double as payroll apps which can transfer information about attendance and time straightaway to your HR management and critical payroll systems. It should help you to get rid of punch cards and maintain employee time sheets online.

Look for Mobile Compatibility

Make sure that the freeware is compatible with mobile phones, and can even be copied into and run from USB flash drives. The software should sync all essential information across varied devices, whether mobile phones or desktops. Some apps can also be started without installation, and the entire process can easily be completed. However, make sure that the app can quietly run in the background and start automatically in the backdrop as soon as the system starts.

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