Apple MacBook Pro MC024LLA – Best features


Apple MacBook Pro MC024LLA – Best features

The Apple MacBook Pro MC024LL laptop comes with the highlighting features like 2.53 Giga hertz i5 Intel core, hard drive of 500GB, RAM 4 GB DDR3, Super Drive of 8X DVD/CD, Snow Leopard Operating system, Intel HD Graphics and many more. The hardware platform of this laptop is Mac and includes 1 processor in it. It has 2 memory slots. The hard drive type is of SATA with the speed of 5400 RPM. It includes the graphics card of 512 MB RAM with 1920 X 1200 LCD native resolution.

Some of the other key features of Apple MacBook Pro MC024LL/A 17-Inch Laptop include:  Automatic switching graphics are present which offers an excellent graphic flexibility with NVIDIA Ge Force GT 330M and integrated Graphics processors. These processors will make the battery life withstand for long time and also brings a realistic environment for games, virtual world playing with frame rates along with high resolutions. The switching option will help to instantly switch among the processors easily. The button less multi touch track pad feature of the laptop enhances to click right, left and center and also to track easily. There is no need for separate button to press on the silky surface. Also it incorporates the multi touch features like rotate, swipe, 4 finger swipes with pinch. It also supports scrolling through lengthy document, long websites and large photos.

Apple MacBook Pro MC024LL/A 17-Inch Laptop includes some special specifications like Wi-Fi network which is based on 802. 11a compatible, Bluetooth with good Data Rate in order to connect with mice, keyboards and phones, isight camera to enhance video chatting, glossy widescreen display with 17 inch LED backlit, Gigabit wired networking, Fire wire port 800, SD slot, mini display port for video output which comes along with an optional adapter for VGA, DVI, HDMI output and dual ink DVI.

The Apple MacBook Pro MC024LL/A 17-Inch Laptop include a backlit keyboard of full size, stereo speaker along with subwoofers. This laptop weights 5.9 pounds and the battery lift withstands up to 9 hours.  The software’s installed in this laptop are Mac Operating system X which is the customized feature of the latest operating system and this is powerful too. This software includes Time machine, Spaces, Quick look, iTunes, Dashboard, iChat, Address Book, Spotlight, Mail, DVD player, ical Photo Booth, Developer tools, Front Row, and much more. ILife is an other software included in this laptop.

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