How To Save Money Running Your Air Conditioning To Heat


How to Save Money Running your Air Conditioning to Heat

More and more people are using their air conditioning system to heat during the cold winter months. With the recent cold snap in the UK there are air-conditioning systems all over the country which are now switched over to heating providing a comfortable cosy environment for all within.

Air conditioning has now taken the number 1 spot for the most efficient form of heating, namely because of the advancements in technology recently, and the fact that air conditioning systems are hugely controllable. This makes so much sense when heating separate rooms within larger areas. An air conditioning system that heats is so efficient, simply because you can just heat the area that you’re using. There is no wasted heat in areas that are unoccupied.

Although air conditioning systems, sometimes referred to as “heat pumps” have taken the top spot in efficiency for their heating performance, it is absolutely imperative that the correct air con maintenance is carried out on them. Like any technology that has seen advancements in efficiency, keeping them in tiptop condition is the only way to ensure that you are receiving the levels of comfort and low running costs that you were guaranteed when it was first installed.

How’s does heat from an air conditioner differ?

Unlike boilers or underfloor heating which have been well known “heating systems” for a number of years now, air conditioning systems work differently. Typically, heating systems would radiate/convect the air in the room in the quest to circulate and distribute the heat evenly. Underfloor heating managed this quite well, however, the only real way to circulate air evenly within a room is by using a mechanical fan, this is how an air conditioning system does the job. Not only does the air conditioning unit circulate the air to benefit from even temperature throughout the room, but that same fan also allows the air to pass through an air filter. The air filtration system removes all airborne particles from dust mites, pollen and in some cases viruses and bacteria, providing you with a clean, comfortable and balanced environment.

A blocked or dirty filter within your air conditioning system massively reduces the efficiency of the system. Not only does the system begin to cost you more to run, but you also start to experience some of the negative aspects that are poorly maintained air conditioning unit or dirty filter can bring. Additional background noise, stagnant smells, poor performance and taking longer to heat the room are all common symptoms whenever an air conditioning unit is not maintained correctly.

Perhaps it’s fair to say that the added efficiency and comfort that heating with an air conditioning unit brings, also has some downsides. However, people who use their air conditioning to heat say that given the choice they would use this technology everywhere that they spend time, home and at work.

Air conditioning really has made it stand point over the past few years those inefficient rattly units are a thing of the past and new, modern and stylish systems replace them.

Before you do invest in air-conditioning to replace your old heating system, bear in mind that it is absolutely essential that you have your system maintained correctly so that you are able to enjoy all the benefits that you originally wanted.

Mike Sweet is the director and author of Service Group 365 which is a UK-based air conditioning maintenance company providing heating, cooling and mechanical services.

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