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iPads Reunion AppAny program that is going to help you investigate your family tree should be thoroughly good.  One of those applications is Reunion which has always been a great something I’ve used for quite a long time.  In the previous year, Reunion has an iPhone version turned out and of course, I had to have it.  Many apps, including this one seemed silly to use on such a small screen and for that fact and that fact alone, it wasn’t really an application I used very often. What is special about having this application for the iPad is that it was virtually redesigned specially for the device. Make sure that you are using it as a companion application to your Mac though or else the application for your iPad has absolutely no value for you.  These two will work together to relay information between devices.  There are ways to educate your family about the Reunion application as well as being really easy to use and great to look at on the big iPad screen.  Since the iPad can be transported, it is a nice tool to have when you stumble across any information that could be important to your family tree. You can always have the information that was filled in on the iPad transported to your Mac as soon as you are in range to do so.  What nice about this syncing abilities that come with this application is the mere fact that it switch information to whichever device you need it relayed to. Photographs are another thing that was smartly added to the iPad’s version while it was left out of the iPhones version. If you have a camera connection kit, it’s nice to use with the application because it fits well with what the application supplies its users.

A Great Interactive Tree

The great thing about this application is that it not only contains great syncing abilities, but it also is very esthetically pleasing with its Family Tree button. Everything is saved from the last point at which the Family Tree was last used.  You can actually use your fingertips to grasp certain areas of the tree and use its anatomy to gain access to different family areas. What a great visual treat for those who can appreciate it! If your interested in gaining knowledge about any particular person, all you do is look their time line via the Ages tab.

One of the only other things I would even consider updating on this Reunion application, would be some kind of hook-up through the iPad VGA that would allow me to share all the great family tree information with others via slideshow for special family parties.

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