ACER AS1551-4650 – New Notebook From Acer with HDMI


ACER AS1551-4650 – New Notebook From Acer with HDMI

Acer is very famous in manufacturing laptops and desk top Computers. Recently they have developed a new product called Acer AS1551-4650 notebook. The new product has numerous remarkable qualities which appeared as highly beneficial for the current generation. The customers who have purchased the product have the opinion that the same is worth the cost. This product’s HDMI and dual processor with Windows7 is highly appreciated by the users.

This facility has increased the accuracy and promptness of the system while comparing with older laptops. The 11.6 inch system is handy and ideal for use. Its compact size has made it very favorable for company executives and other permanent laptop users.

The previously launched laptops of this range were with 10.1 and 15.6 inches screen sized. The first variety was too small to operate whereas the second was too big to carry. The current version Acer AS1551-4650 is developed by rectifying the inconveniences of the first two versions.

The processor of this notebook computer is 1.3 GHz AMD Athlon II Neo Dual Core K 325. Apart from this the system is featured with led backlighting for developing very clear display unit. In this new version there are facilities for connecting the HDMI output to a TV and view things from Netflix and Hulu. The self adjustable devices meant for HDMI cables enable the viewer to enjoy perfect display on the respective Televisions.

The Acer AS1551-4650 notebook is with preinstalled Windows7 having 64 bit home premium operating module.

Moreover the RAM of this computer notebook is considerably higher comparing to other ones of this range. The chipset of this system is AMD M880G Express model. It has also got screen resolution pixel (136* 768). The brightness is offering by TFT LCD type. The key board of this laptop system is larger comparing to other computer notebooks. Hence, while working on this system the user will not feel any uneasiness at all. If required DVD drive, speaker and HTPC key board system can be made associated with this computer notebook. Thus it can be converted in to a total entertainer.

The RAM capacity of AS1551-4650 is 2 GB and the SATA hard disc drive is with 250 GB. It has got a Graphic controller with integrated ATI Radeon and Acer crystal eye web cam. The price of this system comes about $379 and there are facilities to purchase the same through online.

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