3 Reasons Security Awareness Training Is More Important Now Than Ever


Unfortunately, we live in a world where security concerns seem to be on the rise every single day. Certainly, it’s still the job of police officers and other security professionals to look after people, but everyone really needs to join together in the effort to some extent. What are some of the specific reasons that security awareness training is so important?

Informing a Lay Audience

As noted, professionals are still on the watch for security breaches. However, tragic incidences are occurring in places such as schools and movie theaters, which used to be considered save havens. Therefore, in order to prevent so many of these horrible tragedies from occurring, the lay people who work at such establishments need to be trained in security measures. These might include reporting suspicious activity, knowing how to put the room on electronic lock down or understanding how to respond if a shooting were to occur.
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Copycat Attacks

Once one bad action takes place, it seems as though it starts to pervade all areas of society. People see these terrible actions happen, and they decide they want to create something even more sad and horrific. It’s often unknown why exactly they have these thoughts, but the world wants to stop such events from happening. If something happens twice in a row, then some of the security measures have clearly failed. No one wants these events to happen, but when they do, people have to learn from them. Professionals need to look at what went wrong in the first place, and then use these lessons to prevent similar attacks from happening.

Other Types of Attacks

So far, we have examined the types of attacks that often happen in public or private places that were once considered to be nice and safe. In the 21st century though, other types of threats exist of which people must be aware. One of the first ones that comes to mind is a terrorist attack. Since 9-11, officials have really increased the levels of security in more public places. As all countries are potentially vulnerable to such attacks, more security awareness training is necessary. When people see something suspicious, they must have no qualms about reporting it.

Not all security attacks are physical either, and many find ways to destroy other individuals by hacking into their information on a computer. Companies and businesses, as well as individual human beings, must be trained in the ways to effectively protect their private information from being stolen on the Internet.

It’s no surprise that all of this information can be really overwhelming. If security is of a major concern to you, and it should be, do your best to make sure you are always in places that are as safe as possible.

Peter Wendt is a writer from Austin, TX. He believes strongly that all employees and organizations should be trained in security awareness, which is why he encourages all his coworkers to complete these anti phishing training and security awareness programs.

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