Google Ways to Detect Invalid Clicks


Google Ways to Detect Invalid Clicks
As almost everyone is aware nowadays that Google does not tolerate fraud clicks and also clicking on you own AdSense ads is designated as a fraud.

Google AdSenseis the free program run by Google that enables web publishers to publish the relevant ads to their content. But the question arises is that how does Google get to know all these frauds?

The answer is very simple that Google has lots of simple methods to detect about fraud clicks. Whenever Google find any fraud click, they immediately flag that account and also keep a close eye to that account.

Some of the detection methods that Google might use to detect invalid clicks include:

1. IP Address

This is the most easy method and is well known by everyone. If the clicks on your ads come from the same IP address that is used to access your Ad Sense account then your account is marked as flag.

2. Geological Location

Google have powerful tools to trace the physical location of the computer where the click had done. So, it’s useless and might be dangerous to click your ads from different computers with different IP addresses because Google tracks the locations from where the traffic is originated.

3. Click Through Rate (CRT)

Click through rate is the number of clicks on any ad divided by the total number of impressions (number of times the ad is shown). CTR is expressed in percentage. The range of CTR must be from 0.5% – 10%. If your CRT exceeds this percent then your account will be flagged by Google.

4. Cookies

Internet connections at home don’t use static IP address because by disconnecting and reconnecting the internet connection again and again will give you every time a new IP address. But Google has set the cookies on your system, so changed IP addresses will not work.

5. Search Engine Ranking

If your website is neither indexed on any search engine nor even linked by some good websites but still getting a lot of traffic then it will knock the brain of Google that something wrong is happening here.

6. Webpage Design

Google also check your webpage design to detect that how you get maximum clicks. Like, in some type of designs there are some options of “support us” or “click here”.

7. Other Google Services

Beside the Google AdSense, Google also provide a lot of other services like Gmail, Google Search, Google Calendar, Google Earth, Google Talk, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop, and Google Sitemap. So don’t even think that you will be on safe side if you click on your ad even without logging in to your account, you will be caught by Google by any means.

These are only some of the methods that are in public knowledge and Google has many more methods to catch the websites getting maximum clicks by wrong methods. So, one should avoid adopting wrong methods and play the game safely and straight without getting your Google AdSense account banned.

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