Samsung Galaxy S Smart Phone


Samsung Galaxy S smart phone

Samsungs Galaxy S is the smart phone which has several features and superb display. With android OS and 4 G ability the cell is quite remarkable. Although it is quite decent but there are no special features that can boast this set from others. The cell has 4 inch touch screen and this makes the set very susceptible towards video chatting, surfing the net. The cell has a large screen thus making it quite responsive plus it is easy to tackle. Unfortunately user might experience a lag time between the touching virtual pad and starting of desired application.

The set has AMOLED display with 480 by 800 pixels. That gives a good and decent resolution and enables to see videos clear plus sharper. Watching movies on this machine will not be an issue. With help of QIK video chatting is a lot easier. Users can chat with any one around the world. Using 4G network enables quicker chats but with minor video call problems. Moreover when 3G is used more complications can be seen. With a 5 megapixel camera the set is expected to capture beautiful images. Plus with the help of high definition (HD) capabilities user can enjoy 4x zoom and that will really enhance the video quality. It is disappointing that there is no 8 megapixel. But 5 Megapixel is not less at least it can produce high quality images and that is what normal user craves for.

Coming to calling abilities, the smart phone supersedes all other normal cell phones. The cell is equipped with receiving and dialing. Moreover it has conference plus call holding abilities. This might help in your business also. The smart has also normal features like call history, dialed, missed and received calls can also be traced on this machine. Like other cell the smart phone also provides its user the service of call waiting also you can also set pictures on the personal contacts plus ringtones. The smart phone can last up to a day if the user is not constantly using the set. The cell can give 390 talk time with a single charge and that is less so be ready for charging this machine if you are in a mood to listen songs.

The cell has a lot of space. Which means the user can put and stuff all sorts of pictures, videos and songs as they like. The set is armed with 32GB of space and that is a hell of memory indeed. It will keep normal user happy for a long time. With all this fancy stuff smart has OS 2.2 which gives the ultimate android experience. This enables the user to set different home screens on the cell. This shows that user can take the advantage of wireless net to 5 different devices at the same time.

The new Galaxy S gives many features but there are also some problems with the set. Like lag time and other minor problems. There is no unique feature on this set that can help the set to excel above its competitors. But with 5MP good audio plus video quality and 32GB memory this smart phone is worth a shot.

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