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Gone are the days when an iPhone was only for the rich and famous. New iPhone deals are available that mean that anyone can afford one.

With the release of the new iPhone 5 you have a wider choice of iPhone deals than ever before.

New iPhone 5 Deals
All networks offer the iPhone 5 on a monthly contract. How much you pay aver a two year contract depends on which model you get. The 16Gb model costs less than the 32Gb and 64Gb phones. The 16, 32 and 64 Mb tell you how much solid state hard drive memory each phone contains. You use memory to store images, videos and apps that you download. For comparison, a basic laptop has a 250Gb hard drive.

The more you are prepared to pay up-front for your new iPhone the lower your monthly contract price will be. You need to work out the total costs over the two year contract to secure the best deal.

You will also need to pay more if you want a higher number of included call minutes, texts or higher Internet data transfer limits. 500Gb per month is plenty for basic email, Facebook and occasional web browsing. Some games apps gobble up bandwidth and using YouTube or any other video-streaming site will soon use up any set bandwidth limit.

New iPhone 4S Deals
The prices for an iPhone 4s contract have fallen slightly in recent weeks as the new iPhone 5’s launch loomed closer.

The iPhone 4s screen is only ¾ inch smaller than the iPhone 5’s and you will get more data, calls and texts in an iPhone 4s contract than you will with the newer model. The screen resolution is similar and the 4s will do everything that most users need. The only people who will not be impressed are image-conscious teens, for whom nothing less than the full-monty iPhone 5 will do.

New iPhone 4 Deals
You can still find the iPhone 4 on a monthly contract from all the UK phone networks. These are refurbished iPhone 4 phones, but they look like new. It’s not like buying a second-hand car with lots of scratches, nobody can tell a refurbished iPhone from the original model from the outside.

Most iPhone 4 deals have unlimited texts and calls with limitations as to data usage. The monthly costs are slightly lower than for the iPhone 4S.

The main difference between the iPhone 4 and 4s is in screen resolution, with the more recent model having a much higher resolution and clearer screen.

New iPhone 3GS Deals
You will be hard put to find a monthly contract deal for the iPhone 3GS. You can find them on a pay as you go basis however and for the new iPhone user this will probably work well.

The Cheapest Way to Own an iPhone
You will get the lowest total ownership costs on any iPhone by buying the phone outright and signing up for a sim-only contract. You are then totally free to choose the best contract and network for your needs.

Alan Rigby has been hankering after an iPhone for a long time. After searching for new iphone deals he finally found an iPhone at a good price.

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