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Some Blog Traffic Generation Secrets to Use


A blog is surely stronger than the static site because it is the commentary type with social component thus giving one the opportunity to easily interact and communicate with the readers. Generating blog traffic is simple. All you need to have is amazing content, quality on page SEO, back links and social SEO. If you are not aware, a blog is the perfect content marketing platform where you can post the useful content on. After that, you promote content on the blog and thus it gets traffic from a number of sources such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and other sites.

Content is surely the KING

Some Blog Traffic Generation Secrets to Use  Unlike conventional belief that costly online advertising is the way to get blog traffic, there are several secrets or strategies that can help to generate blog traffic easily. Well, content was, is and will always be the King. Content is something that drives the traffic to your blog.

Interesting posts matter

Apart from quality content, make certain that every post is readily open to feedback and comments to enjoy the two-way communication with the customers. Another important point is to include the site link wherever it is possible but ensure that you do not overdo it. This adding of link will help the customers to easily reach your blog and so the result is increased blog traffic.

Join forums and blogs

You can even join the blogs and forums that are related to your particular niche. Blogs and forums are the great place where one can discover the prospects that are looking forward to your site products and services. Try to add opinions, facts and ideas in these forums and blogs and thus add link of your blog within the signature area.

Link bait content

Then, coming up with the link bait content is surely a great method to generate loads of blog traffic. The strategy is highly useful as it not just helps to generate the huge amount of traffic; it even motivates people for linking to your particular blog and thereby improving your link building and SEO campaign.

Submitting content

Also, rather than submitting the content to the article directories only, it is more beneficial that you submit the content to newsletter or site owners of same niche. You can provide the content to them and request them to publish it at their sites or in the newsletters. They will publish your content if it will be of high quality. This is indeed a more and better pro-active technique than submitting the content to the article directories alone.

Publishing on a fix time

If you post less than six posts a week then you should post them on a fix day(s) of the week so that your regular readers know when they will find the fresh content on your blog. The time of the week should not be random but you should research a bit and experiment. You should check your analytics and know the region from where you get the most of your traffic. For example, for some of the blogs weekend is the best time to publish the content on the other hand some blog owners prefer weekdays to publish the articles. 

Last but not least, there are some social bookmarking websites as well that you can use to generate the blog traffic. What the SEO experts teach is to carry out bookmarking of the blog pages or the articles in the article directories in order to get them linked by the social bookmarking websites like Stumble Upon or Digg.

This is guest post by Kate. She is technology blogger and provides services such as Search WordPress Hosting and Web hosting coupons.

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